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A month ago, the company does not worry about losses

it looks as though The slowdown in tech debut is not a complete freeze; Despite the news related to the IPO pipeline, some deals are going ahead. This morning, we are adding Alkami Technology to a list that includes an imminent direct listing of Coinbase and an expected IPO of Robinhood.

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We’re playing catch-up, so let’s learn about Alkami and its software, dig into its backers and final private valuations, and separate its numbers before examining its imminent IPO valuation. After all, if Kalatura and others are going to hit the brakes, then we should turn our attention to the companies that are still hammering.

Frankly, we should know about Alkami’s IPO soon. One of the big tech companies located in non-traditional areas, the bank-focused software company is based in Texas, despite having roots in Oklahoma. The company raised $ 385.2 million during its life, according to Crunchbase data. The amount includes the September 2020 round, valued at $ 140 million, which the company valued at $ 1.44 billion on a post-money basis, reports Pitchbook.

So, in the latest SEC filing we go with the software Unicorn!

Alkami technology

Alkami Technology is a software company that distributes its product to banks via the cloud, so it is not a legacy player scraping IPOs together during boom times. Rather, it is the kind of company we understand; It is built on top of AWS and charges for its services on a recurring basis.

The company’s main market is the largest of all banks, it appears, or calls Alkami “community, regional and supra-regional regional institutions”. Its service is a software layer that plugs into existing financial systems while also providing multiple user interface options.

In short, it takes a bank for all kinds of end-user experience from its internal systems. Here’s how Alkami explained it in his S-1 / A filing:

Image Credit: Alkami S-1

Quite simple!

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