DIFF’s Viewing Room showcases six movies that generated Oscar buzz

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Updated: April 2, 2021 5:51:04 PM

Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) has started its year-long program for 2021 with ‘DIFF Virtual Viewing Room: Films from the Oscar season’ with six hyped films – Apple, Atlantis, The Resident, The Night of the Kings , Quo Vadis, Aida ?, and two ours. The selection of six films, curated by veteran film programmer Anu Rangachar, will be for a week from April 2 to 8 and is available online at diff.co.in.

Speaking about the package, DIFF festival director Ritu Sarin said, “The way the epidemic continues around the world, DIFF is programming a series of online film packages throughout the year to allow our audience to see a wide range of Keep the opportunity. Filming from the comfort of your own home. “DIFF was launched in 2012 by Sarin and Tenzing Sonam to expose meaningful independent cinema to local audiences and encourage regional filming talent. DIFF Gratitude is collaborating with Films Inc. for this initiative. Rangachar said: “I launched my company Gratitude Films during the epidemic. I am excited to bring some of the most talked-about Oscar contenders around the world to audiences in India this year. “

The apple, directed by Christos Nico, was Greece’s official Oscar entry for the Best International Feature Film category. This real comedy-drama is an exploration of memory, identity, and loss through the eyes of middle-aged Aris. Victims of a global pandemic that causes sudden amnesia are instructed to document a set of daily tasks to rebuild their identity. Directed by Valentin Vasanovich, Atlantis is set in 2025 in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s official Oscar entry, this military drama, Sergei, a former soldier suffering from PTSD, struggling to navigate his life and a land.

The viewing room will stream The Descent, directed by Brian Fogel, one of the most acclaimed day-thrillers. The documentary is about the international cover-up behind the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and captures the dangers of speaking the truth from power. The King’s film Night is inspired by a real-life tradition at the secluded Macaw prison in Ivory Coast, where an inmate is chosen to tell the story to others. Acting as a modern-day Scherzade, he begins to narrate a rich story of the Zama King, who moves from realism to magic, borrowing from political fact and legend, into a story that It happens at night. The film, directed by Phillip Lakote, was conceptualized from the director’s experiences of going to the infamous prison as a child.

Bosnian film Kuo Vadis, Aida; Jasmila, directed by Banik, is nominated in the Oscar 2021 Best International Feature Film category. It is about Aida, who works as a translator for the United Nations in the small town of Srebrenica. His life was turned upside down when Serbia’s army left him and his family for shelter. France’s official Oscar entry for the best international feature film category, Two of Us, is about Nina and Madeline, two retirees who had been secretly in love for decades. As neighbors of the outside world, they do it easily inside-out. When Medellin’s daughter stumbles upon the truth of their relationship in heaven, there is trouble in heaven. The film, directed by Filippo Meneggetti, is a fascinating exploration of desire and how others may notice and censor it.

Pass for DIFF Virtual Viewing Room: Oscar season movies are available online at diff.co.in

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