Did Apple Just Preview the First Apple Silicon Mac?

Did Apple Just Preview the First Apple Silicon Mac?

Like a lot of people, I really want an Apple Silicon MacBook. like, Actually Want one Looking at Apple’s September incident, I couldn’t help but think we were given a glimpse of the company’s upcoming processors – and it fueled my appetite more.

The key here is the A14 bionic chip in the newly renovated iPad Air. Rumors have long been that the first Apple Silicon Mac would use either this exact processor or its upgraded variants, marking the first time an iPad and Mac have shared the same core engine. But if you think a Mac tablet will suffer from using a processor, you can’t be more wrong.

Looking at what Apple showed us on the iPad Air, future Apple Silicon Macs are going to end the competition altogether. We already know that Apple’s iPad chips are fantastic: When we compared the latest iPad Pro to its Android rivals, the iPad Pro was still ahead “It wasn’t even close.” Even if Apple took the A12Z Bionic chip from the 2020 iPad Pro and merged it with the first Apple Silicon Mac, the results would be impressive.

But Apple is not doing that – it’s moving forward. The A14 is the industry’s first tablet processor to use the A14 Bionic 5nm process in the iPad Air. This enables it to pack in 11.8 billion transistors, each of which is so small that its size is measured in atoms.

But this is all abstract stuff – what about real-world performance? Well, Apple says that the 6-core CPU in the A14 Bionic is 40% faster than the chip in the previous iPad Air. For graphics performance, the 4-core GPU has seen a 30% increase. This is a major uproar in the space of a year, and is exactly the same shot as a cry for Mac.

Explain that, when Apple compared the performance of the iPad Air, it stated that the iPad Air doubled the graphics performance when it was the best-selling Windows laptop in the same price range. Mac gamers celebrate: the dream of 60 fps (frames per second) enjoyed by so many people for so long can finally become a reality.

Imagine all that power inside a Mac. AMD laptop chips have moved to 7nm, while Intel has only recently come to 10nm. On these Apple Silicon Macs, we’ll have a 5nm chip that manages remarkable CPU and GPU performance while being incredibly power-efficient. The iPad Air, after all, does not need a fan, such is efficiency. While I don’t expect Apple to dig fans out of every MacBook, a processor that can perform without getting hotter than Mount Vesuvius will be able to go faster for longer, and that’s only a good thing Might be possible.

The most exciting part is that Apple is just getting started. According to a Bloomberg report, the first Apple silicon chips would have eight high-performance cores – as many times as the A14 – coupled with at least four high-efficiency cores. Even if Bloomberg is wrong and Apple first opposes Apple to a more conservative chip in Silicon Mac – something like an A14X, for example – it’s working on even more powerful chips. Great news for Mac fans .

Not a long time to wait. Apple is expected to hold an event in October where it will unveil the iPhone 12 and the first Apple Silicon Mac. Based on what we saw on the iPad Air, it could be a full display of an event.

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