Director Mari Selvaraj said on Thursday that his upcoming film Karnan’s Pandarati Pooranam, starring Dhanush, would be called Manjanathi Puranam, thus sidestepping litigation that could affect the film’s release next month.

“The immense love and support of the audience for my film Karnan makes me very happy. And the kind of respect and expectations you hold for me makes me very responsible. I make every scene with great care and artistic sensibilities. And that’s how I made Pandrathi Puranam, “Mari Selvaraj wrote in her statement.

While Pandrathi is not a part of popular terminology, it seems to have a great historical and emotional significance. After the song was released a few weeks ago, a native of Madurai moved the Madurai High Court with a welfare petition seeking action against the song. In the petition, he has allegedly claimed that the song has insulted some communities in Tamil Nadu. He also wanted a ban on the song and prevented the film’s release until his concerns were properly addressed. According to the reports, on the basis of the petition, the court ordered a legal notice to be sent to the filmmakers, the censor board and YouTube.

He said, ‘To end all the debates and controversies surrounding the song, we have decided to rename Pandrathi to Manjanathi. You can call angels by any name. How does it matter? Changing the name will not change the way the angels shine, ”he said.

The director also said that the name of the song has also been changed on various internet platforms. And according to YouTube policies, the new name will appear on the platform within a couple of days.

The decision is likely to lead to a smooth release of Karan, which is scheduled to hit theaters on April 9. The film also stars Rajisha Vijaya, Lakshmipriya Chandramouli, Gauri Kishan, Lal and Yogi Babu among the supporting cast.

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