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Design Tips For mid century modern Homes: 9 Things to have in mind

Are you ready to bring your mid-century modern style dreams to life? We’ve put together a few design tips to help you create the mid-century modern look that will make all of your neighbors jealous! We’ll show you the 9 things you should have in mind when designing a mid century modern home. So, let’s get started!

Things to have in mind when designing a mid century modern home

When it comes to designing a mid-century modern home, there are several key concepts to keep in mind. First and foremost you should consider getting the plans for your new house, you can check Truoba mid century house plans if you don’t know where to start looking. Here are 5 things to consider when constructing a mid-century modern-style home:

mid century modern Homes

1) Embrace simplicity. Opt for minimalism by using clean lines instead of ornate architectural features. The overall design of the house should also be uncluttered, with an emphasis on functionality over accessories and decorations.

2) Incorporate natural elements. Wooden furniture and light wooden flooring will bring in a rustic charm that complements the airy feel of open spaces with lots of natural light. Mid-century modern homes should also have plenty of outdoor living spaces to take advantage of nature’s beauty.

3) Use bright colors and bold patterns. Mid-century modern style typically relies on bright hues, like oranges and yellows, as well as geometric patterns like chevrons and stripes to inject life into the room. Don’t be afraid of experimentation – these vibrant colors will create a unique statement piece in any room!

4) Allow for plenty of natural light in each room. Lots of windows that extend from floor to ceiling will let more sunlight in while also visually expanding the space beyond its actual size – perfect for smaller living areas!

5) Add texture through furnishings and accents: Textured art pieces like rugs, blankets or wall hangings add layers of interest to plain walls, while patterned pillows or throws can create inviting seating areas around furniture pieces like couches or armchairs. These cozy accents soften up what could otherwise be an overly sterile environment –– which is essential for cultivating comfort at home!

Tips for adding mid century modern accents to your home

Mid century modern design is about bringing the past into the present. If you are looking for a way to add some classic vintage vibes to your home, then mid-century modern design may be the perfect fit. In a nod to styles from the 1940s and 1950s, mid century modern accents will often incorporate geometric shapes, bold colors and quality materials. Here are some tips for adding mid-century modern accents to your home:

  1. Geometric shapes: Choose geometric elements when selecting furniture and accessories – think ovals, circles and rectangles in medium shades of blue, green or yellow for a classic mid-century look.
  2. Color palette: Create cohesion using patterns within a single color palette – choose dusty yellows, blues and greens along with neutrals like browns, beiges and tans.
  3. Lighting fixtures: Incorporate vintage lighting fixtures with stylish curves or asymmetrical shapes that blend perfectly with their surroundings like wall sconces or pendant lights in brass or chrome finishes for an added touch of glamour
  4. Artwork: Mid-century art typically featured bold abstract designs which add drama to any space – collect pieces that evoke your individual style and personality while still honoring this classic era in American decorating history!


Mid century modern design seeks to bring a sense of timelessness to any space with its simple silhouettes, warm colors and natural textures. With thoughtful choices of colors and materials, you can turn your home into an inviting mid century modern refuge that will be enjoyed for years down the line.

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