Demi Lovato’s Wildest Date Story Takes Romance To New Heights

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What has been your wild date night?

Well, during the February 22 episode The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Demi Lovato Expand her – and, buckle up because you’re on a wild ride.

“I was seeing someone and they invited me on this trip so I was super excited and they were like, ‘We have a surprise for today,” “she recalled hosting Ellen DeGeners.” And I was like, ‘Okay? What should I wear? “And they’re like, ‘Casual attire.’ So, I put this silk jumpsuit on with the wedges, ready to go and I walked out of the room and they liked, ‘It’s not comfortable. It’s not going to work. “

Frustrated she had to change, she soon learned that the date — her second with a technically anonymous person — had been called to jump out of an airplane. So yes, wedges and silk were simply out of the question.

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