Demi Lovato Is Recording “Something Special” After Storming of Capitol

Demi Lovato Is Recording "Something Special" After Storming of Capitol

Demi Lovato Is in the process of channeling her anger into his music.

Violent protesters took to the star on Twitter to express their disappointment, following the storm at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, January 6.

Retweeting a message from the official account of the Black Lives Matter movement, he wrote, “My heart is broken. It’s sad how naive I was to believe that I couldn’t possibly think this could happen, and yet it happened. Here we are. In my comments everyone For ‘Jahan D7’ or want me. Sing instead of speaking about what needs change in this country … “

In a follow up TweetThe 28-year-old “Cool for the Summer” artist announced that she was currently in a studio and was recording some sort of commentary on the painful day. He did not specify whether the music was written before the unrest in the Capitol, nor did he provide any further information about what to expect from it, but posts started trending his name on Twitter.

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