Decluttering Dreams Are Coming True in the Trailer for Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit

Khloe Kardashian Ready for marriage – as long as she can marry women with home edit.

keeping up with the Kardashians The trailer appears in the Netflix trailer Get organized with home edit, A new show about organizing and beautifying your home. You’ve seen The Home Edit on Instagram, and if you have, you’ve likely dropped their color-coordinated shelves and fully classified refrigerators.

Joanna Taplin And Clear sheerThe women behind the company are set to act in the new series that follows them, as they make both celebs and regular citizens realize their mess. And let’s be honest: whose home hasn’t been able to use (a little) help after months of lockdown?

Presentations by Khloe in the trailer, Reese Witherspoon, Retta, Jordana Brewster And more as they get some guidance from all the house gurus. Retta sings a little and Khloe announces that she is ready to marry Joanna and Clea.

“I can mess up some things to bring them back … I needed Marry them, “she says in the trailer.” Like what am I doing?

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