Deadpool 3 Fan Posters Make Good Use of Wolverine and Other MCU Superheroes

Deadpool 3 Is happening It may not be clear yet when we see Ryan Reynolds again as Wade Wilson, but Disney and Marvel Studios are developing the sequel. While we wait, some new fan art for the film has surfaced online. The images see Deadpool taking its place with the Avengers, as well, taking on the identity of the Avengers. And he’s bringing Wolverine with him. Or at least a piece of Wolverine.

The art was cooked by Eren Gurosek, who goes by his handle Erathrim on Instagram. He recently shared several posters for fans Deadpool 3 Consider Wade Wilson as the identity of various members of the Avengers. The former sees him as Iron Man. Or Tony “Stank,” per caption, in a callback Captain America Civil War. Speaking of Cap, Deadpool as Captain America, Shield and all is seen in one image. But perhaps the most interesting of the herd is the Hawkai poster, which sees Deadpool ready to strike with a bow in hand. Only, instead of an arrow, he has Wolverine’s grave arm, claws out, ready to fire.

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Posters were also shared featuring Merck, with members of the Avengers team portrayed as Black Widow, Hulk and Thor. Although not an official art, it is easy to imagine that there will be a lot more to come from Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The marketing campaign will undoubtedly take advantage of that fact. Ryan Reynolds has proven time and time again that he has a sensible marketing mind. The only thing that can conceive is Disney overlayers who have a brand for protection.

As for the film, there was a time when it looked like Deadpool 3 All traction is lost. The character’s co-producer Rob Liefeld shared strong words, saying that Disney had no intention of making the sequel after its merger with Fox in 2019. But in November last year, a pair of new writers, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzo Molyneckm-Login, Bob’s burgers Fame, was officially brought on board to pen the screenplay. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke gave the first two installments of the franchise. For some time, plot details stay firmly under wraps. It is also not clear who will be in the director’s chair. Tim Miller directed the first film, with David Leach taking the follow-up.

Even though Disney is not usually in R-rated content, it makes total sense for them to continue with the franchise. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were both massive hits, grossing $ 1.5 billion at the global box office. If you are not going to take advantage of one of its most successful franchises then why buy Fox? We will make sure you keep posting more official details on the project, which are available. In the meantime, be sure to check out Deadpool 3 Fan poster from Erathream’s Instagram.

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