A pair of DC films no longer airing on Warner Bros. Ava DuVernay’s The new gods And james van Aquaman By-product the chasm At least, it has been snatched up by the studio for some time. Both projects were in development for several years. The studio said the decision in a statement.

“As part of our DC slate, some legacy development titles including New Gods and the chasm Will not proceed. We thank our colleagues and Ava DuVernay, Tom King, James Van and Peter Saffran for their time and cooperation during this process and look forward to our continued involvement with them on other DC stories. If they were to move forward in future, the projects would remain in their skilled hands. “

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Projects were halted due to various reasons. For one, DC’s slate is jam-packed for the next few years, with Suicide squad, Batman, Glow, Black man, Shazam 2 And Aquaman 2Among other projects along the way. Allegedly, Warner Bros. did not have a place to squeeze either. New god or the chasm. While streaming was considered, the studio decided to let filmmakers venture elsewhere instead. Ava DuVernay went on to say this on Twitter.

“Tom, I loved writing New God with you. I’m upset that the saga of Burda, Scott, Nanny, Highfather, and The Furious ends like this. Diving into Kirby’s Fourth World was a thrill of a lifetime. It’s not to be. Can.” took away. Thank you for your friendship. And remember … #DarkseidIs “

Tom King responded to the filmmaker on Twitter, saying, “Ava! I’m very proud of the work we do. It was a pleasure to bring your passion and talent to these characters. I really felt that Kirby’s legacy is being honored here. And I want us to keep going. That’s a Barda / Scott scene where … damn it. “King is an acclaimed comic book writer whom DC Comics has in his pages Known for titles such as Kama Batman And Mr miracle.

New god The famous would have been based on comics created by Jack Kirby. The villainous Darkseid must have been a factor. However, since Darkseid recently appeared in Zack Snyder Justice League, Complicated things a little. It is said that Warner Bros. and DC Films wanted to give some space between the character’s appearances. DuVarne, meanwhile, is still developing a TV show for DC and The CW, Naomi.

related to the chasm, It was in the form of a spin-off Aquaman. The film was based on a special action set of the 2018 film and had a horror sensibility. Noah Gardner and Aidan FitzGerald wrote the screenplay and James Wan may have produced the project. Meanwhile, Wan is gearing up for Aquaman 2. Which would be enough for that franchise. Although it is said that the studio wanted to remodel the chasm Below the line if viewers have a desire for more from that side of the DC universe. This news comes to us via the Hollywood Reporter.

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