Danny Masterson Slams Lawsuit Filed By Sexual Assault Accusers

Danny Masterson Slams Lawsuit Filed By Sexual Assault Accusers

Update: According to court documents obtained exclusively by E! News, court order that two Jane does and Chrissy Bixler Settle your claims against Danny Masterson And according to the Religious Arbitration Agreement the Church of Scientology signed her initiation into the Church.

However, Bobet Rial The church was never joined and thus excluded from arbitration, with the court deciding on a later date if its claims would go to trial.

In a statement to E! News, Masterson’s attorney Andrew Breitler said, “This was the perfect outcome. We look forward to arbitrating the claims, as the court directed.”

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Danny Masteron is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by four of his sexual assault accused.

According to the documents received by E! News, women suing Masterson, the Church of Scientology and its leader, David missvige, Allegedly to carry out a plot to cover the actor’s actions. The women, two of whom are identified by name and two considered in the Jane Doe case, claim that the defendants named in the suit “organized, tortured, tortured, and deliberately subjected them to the privacy of their family and their families.” Inflicted emotional distress. ” Silence and scare them. ”

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