Dandara: Trials of Fear is a $15 game that’s free this week from Epic

Dandara: Trials of Fear is a $15 game that's free this week from Epic

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If you are a gamer, or you just travel Cheapskate Sometimes, you already know Epic game Gives one free game every Thursday. Each week is a new treat, with previous weeks distributing gems such as GTA 5, Borderlands 2, Hitman and Watch Dogs 2. This week. Epic has queued a Metroid-inspired platformer called Dandara: Trials of Fear. Sequel to Dandara, This $ 15 game is free for taking.

If you are a fan of the Metroidvania game, but are looking for something different, it may be right up your street – this title lacks walking or running, which is your primary movement mechanic in leaning on jumping. She goes. When you jump on floors, walls, and ceilings, you will defy gravity, and discover its hidden secrets and mysteries around the world, completing a wide variety of characters.

Our friends at GameSpot did not review Trials of Fear, but looked at the original Dandara and gave the game a 7, stating that “there have been so many Metroid-inspired games that it’s almost impossible to stand out. Dandara’s unique features capabilities.” Ensures that. It is at least quite different from its peers. But that’s why Dandara is so unique that it also has the biggest shock. It never has a sense of mastery, resulting in a game that plays to its potential. Attracts only one scene, that adventure soon. Later. Even with his occasional stumbles, however, Dandara provides enough excitement and beauty to propel you forward. “More details Read the full GameSpot review.

If you’re new to Epic’s weekly route, here’s how it works: If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free Epic account. Then just get your free game – yours forever. You do not need to install it immediately if you do not want to.

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