Dame Angela Lansbury Reflects on Turning 95 as Fans Celebrate Her Birthday

Queen Angela Lansbury She says she has lived a “fortunate life” since she turned 95, and is starting to trend her name on social media as fans join the celebration. With an acting career of nearly eight decades, Lansbury is a legend in every sense of the word. Some fans may know Jessica Fletcher, the most popular writer in the popular drama series murder She Wrote, Although she was receiving an Oscar nomination in the early 1940s and a Best Actress Tony Award by the 1960s. And he is also not touching her on stage and dozens of other roles on films and television.

While speaking with The Mirror, Lansbury addressed his 95th birthday and the extraordinary life he had as an entertainer.

“What a lucky life I have had the pleasure of being a part of, the thing I enjoy the most – acting and entertaining great audiences around the world. I feel that I am in my 95th with my dearest family Really lucky to be able to celebrate a birthday. In California. I’m lucky to be able to be safe and my heart goes out to all those who have suffered or lost loved ones. “

Lansbury’s 95th birthday went unnoticed. On social media, fans of Lanbury from around the world are also celebrating their special day. Along with some of her favorite photos of Lansbury over the years, fans have been posting messages of praise and tribute to the narrative, both on stage and on screen.

Dame Angela Lansbury News, a fan account, posted, “It’s Today! Happy birthday to one of the greatest actresses of all time, and more importantly, an even greater human being, great Oscar and 5-time Tony Award winner., Dame Angela Lansbury! Here are many healthy years and great roles to come! Brava! “

“Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet,” another fan tweets. “She knows everything about a woman’s beauty, intelligence, intelligence, and the proud knowledge she is capable of. Happy birthday, Miss Angela Lansbury.”

Nigel P. Herbert recalled working with Lansbury nearly five decades ago and is still a big fan. “It’s forty-seven years since I had the great pleasure of working with you on the London production of ‘Gypsy’, and I will never forget your talent, compassion and sense of humor. So you will always be, My best girl,” He writes.

Sharing a GIF of Lansbury looking rather regal, another Twitter user wrote it well, writing, “Happy 95th birthday #AngelaLansbury! You are a true queen and love everyone! Such a great actress And amazing man! “

And filmmaker Matthew Bourne says, “All the love and best wishes to #DameAngelaLansbury on his 95th birthday! Has there ever been another star so loved and praised for generations over 75 years in a row?”

Let’s wish everyone a very happy birthday to Lansbury, and many more birthdays and acting roles are yet to come. Lansbury’s comment comes from the mirror of us being 95 years old.

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