Daisy Ridley leaves door open for possible withdrawal Star wars Someday in the future, even if it will not be anytime soon. From The Force Awakens To The last jedi And Rise of skywalker, Played the lead role in Ridley Star wars The sequel to the trilogy by portraying Ri. Ridley has no plans to return in the next installment of the franchise from director Taika Vetti or anyone else Star wars Project, but it does not mean that we will definitely never see again.

Speaking about him Star wars In a recent interview with GameSpot, here’s what’s Daisy ridley Asked if she could potentially see Ray coming back in some capacity in the future.

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“I mean, never say never … I am always open to an openness. But also the beautiful thing is that this wonderful, vast universe is with all these stories that have not been told yet. Let me Looks great. Things to do before any possible iteration … In terms of rejuvenating the character, I think it’s a goodbye so far. “

This is more optimistic than what Ridley had previously said about possible returns Star wars In 2020. Speaking with IGN, Ridley stated in November that she felt “completely satisfied” with Ray’s story ending and that there was a “perfect ending” to the character. His recent change comes from watching Ridley Harry potter Looking at the movies and then Rupert Grint’s comments, he seems set to play Ron Wesley again in the future. Ridley says that she now feels the same way about potentially showing Rey again.

Ridley’s openness to return Star wars The sequel is not shared by all her co-stars from the trilogy. Last year, John Boyega made it clear that his time in the franchise was over saying “I’ve moved on” a fan on Instagram asked Finn to watch him in the next match. Star wars Movies. When another fan asked if Boyega was just in it for the money, the actor replied, “Nope. Not playing a role for very long. I have a lot more to offer than this.”

Of course, it is also worth noting that Harrison Ford had long been important to his Han Solo character when he took the role back. The Force Awakens , The truth in 2015 is not being told what could happen in the future or how actors would feel about such things even years or decades later. Still, it’s probably safe to assume that we won’t be seeing Ray or Finn Star wars Film or tv series soon.

What’s next for Ridley, she can be seen as a co-star with Tom Holland in the new film Walking chaos Which is to be released in the US on 5 March. After recently debating rumors that she was considering playing the role of Spider-Woman in a Marvel film, Ridley also stated that she would love to play that role if it was actually available. In any case, we are bound to see a lot of Ridley in other projects going forward with him. Star wars Run after him This news comes to us from GameSpot.

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