Cue Health’s portable, fast COVID-19 test gains FDA emergency approval – TipsClear

Out of a $ 100 million C Series C funding round, molecular diagnostics startup Q Health has more good news – it has received the Emergency Use Authority (EUA) for its fast, point-of-care Kovid-19 trial. The company received a $ 13 million grant in March from BARDA to help with its development and rapid diagnosis deployment, and its COVID-19 test is apparently a major focus of the effort given the current epidemic. has gone.

The Q test is portable and uses an RNA detection method to confirm the presence of the actual virus in the patient’s system using nasal swab samples. The company says it can deliver results in less than 25 minutes, and is relatively simple to administer – both factors that potentially make it very useful on the COVID-19 test scale because of the epidemic and its The upcoming global health crisis continues.

The Q Health test comes as a kit that includes a sample collection stick with a test cartridge. The cartridge connects to an app on a smartphone and transmits clinical results to that device. Under the terms of the EUA granted by the FDA, the Q test can be administered anywhere, so long as it is not done under the supervision of a qualified health care professional. Q says it is seeking additional authorizations from the FDA to expand the use of the test to allow it to be done in settings including in the workplace, schools, and even home use.

To begin, Q Health’s COVID-19 trial will roll out in partnership with “leading health institutions”, according to the company, and from there the plan is to expand to a number of additional healthcare facilities settings. Finally, Q aims to produce a range of molecular diagnostic test solutions for not only COVID-19, but also influenza and other viruses, to flexibly deploy and organize them in basically any setting With capability where they are needed.

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