Cruise to be Dubai’s exclusive self-driving taxi provider, report says

Cruise to be Dubai's exclusive self-driving taxi provider, report says
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The government of Dubai wants a fleet of 4,000 robotaxies to operate in the city by 2030, and most of them will likely be by cruise.

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Cruise is setting its sights abroad for the first time after years of testing its self-driving vehicle technology in the US. According to a report published on Monday by Automotive News, the GM-backed autonomous vehicle developer wants to make Dubai the first city outside the United States in which it will operate.

The cruise rollout in Dubai will enable the company to operate a fleet of robotic taxis in early 2023. This is outlined in a press release, along with Dubai’s plan to reduce pollution and save transportation costs through the use of autonomous vehicles by 2030. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the crown prince of Dubai.

According to the agreement between Cruise and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, at least until 2029, Cruise will be the sole partner in the Emirates for self-driving vehicles. Cruise may have a big leg up in its network construction. And Dubai plans to serve 4,000 robotaxies in the city by 2030.

Dubai Robotaxi service will use Cruise Purpose-Built Original Electric Vehicles, Rather than the modified Chevrolet Bolt, which we often see coming in the US with testing. The Genesis details are still a bit thin, but we know that it will be powered by GM EV technology and will receive attention Level 4 and Level 5 Autonomy, Given the lack of any driver control.

Due to the time Cruise gets up and running in Dubai, we still expect to see some business forms of service before making its debut in the US – likely in San Francisco.

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