Crista Galli Ventures outs ‘evergreen’ fund to back European health tech startups at seed and Series A – ClearTips

Crista Galli Ventures outs ‘evergreen’ fund to back European health tech startups at seed and Series A – ClearTips

Christa Glee Ventures, an early-stage health tech fund in Europe, is officially launching today. The firm offers “patient capital” – with only one LP (Danish Family Office IPQ Capital) – and promises to provide portfolio companies with deep healthcare expertise and the regulatory and efficacy barriers and necessary to get to the next stage. Extra Runway.

The companies are already supported by Krista Glee Ventures (CGV) includes skin analytics, which is using AI to improve the diagnosis of skin cancer; Cubim, which is implementing AI in the field of radiomics; And Ampersand Health, which is developing digital therapy for patients with inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease, to name just three of 15.

Consultant Radiologist Dr. By Fiona Pathiraj, and with offices in London and Copenhagen, CGV operates as an “evergreen” fund, meaning it does not follow traditional five-year VC fundraising cycles. Initially, the VC firm has $ 65 million in deployment – so-called – patient capital.

“We like to invest in broad areas of deep technology, digital health and personal healthcare,” Pathiraja tells TechChurch. “We like technology solutions that make patients’ lives easier and better and, in some cases, help support patients ’health as they become patients. A part of our remit is also for technology solutions within the healthcare industry that improve the efficiency and productivity of providers. “

Along with the main fund, CGV is also unveiling Christa Glee Lab, which aims to diversify healthcare technology by supporting founders from undergraded backgrounds in pre-seed stage. In addition to pre-seed investment, startups accepted into the program have access to mentoring and coaching from the CGV team.

“When I was in the hospital, there were people from all backgrounds and it was ideal … [but] “When I started investing, it was not really my experience,” says Pathiraj. “How can I be homogeneous to both founding teams and investment teams. While our main investment focus is Seed and Series A, Christa Glee LAB invests small ticket sizes in excellent pre-seed founders and ensures that at least 50% of these are represented from under-background backgrounds. That means women who are, BAME, to start with LGBT. “

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