CRA OTB Notice 2024, What it means and why you get one?

CRA OTB Notice 2024, What it means and why you get one?

The CRA OTB (Canada Revenue Agency Ontario Trillium Benefit) Notice is a letter or email you may receive if you live in Ontario, Canada. This notice is about the Ontario Trillium Benefit. It’s a government program and combines three tax credits.

The notice may tell you something important, like your application has been approved or an update on the amount you will receive. Sometimes it’s a reminder or a request for more information they need to keep giving you the benefit.

What is OTB?

This program helps low to moderate income residents of Ontario with the costs of energy bills, property taxes and sales tax. The OTB combines three tax credits into one payment.

These tax credits are:

Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC) – For residents of Ontario, Canada.  Helps with the cost of energy and property taxes.  You apply for the OEPTC when you file your tax and benefit return.

Northern Ontario Energy Credit (NOEC)- For residents of Northern Ontario.  Helps with energy costs, specifically for those living in the northern part of the province. To be eligible you must have lived in Northern Ontario on December 31 of the previous year.

Ontario Sales Tax Credit (OSTC)- For eligible individuals in Ontario. You get it automatically when you file your income tax return.

Why did I get an OTB Notice?

An OTB notice is about the status of your benefits. Here are some common reasons you may get one:

  • Application Status: Whether your OTB application is approved, refused or in progress.
  • OTB Payment Changes: Notifications about changes to the amount or frequency of OTB payments.
  • Marital Status: Impact on eligibility due to a change in marital status.
  • Eligibility Changes: Notifications of repayments owed to CRA due to changes in eligibility.
  • Eligibility Information: Requests for information to assess or verify OTB eligibility.
  • Benefit Changes: Updates to OTB benefits based on your circumstances.

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What to do After Receiving an OTB Notice?

Go to the CRA website and log in to your CRA My Account. Go to the OTB Notice and review everything. If you can do it yourself like update personal info, benefit details, income, family status or provide additional documents for verification purposes, do it now.

If you have questions or concerns about the notice, contact the CRA. You can call them on the phone number on their website or send a message through your CRA My Account.


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