Read all about CPP Vs US Social Security: What Are The Key Differences b/w Canada CPP and Social Security in this article. CPP stands for Canada Pension Plan through which monthly payment to the eligible one is paid out. The typical age retirement age in Canada is 65 years. But can vary from 60 to 70 as per the citizen’s choice. The Canadian government has a plan for disabled people under the CPP.

CPP Vs US Social Security

Also, the US Social Security works for the same and works for providing the disabled with some amount of financial support. This article is written considering all the queries about CPP Vs US Social Security.

In Canada, monthly remuneration is rewarded to disabled citizens, senior citizens, child benefits, and many more for their economic support. Based on certain criteria the citizens who qualify for the CPP application procedure get the claimed amount.

CPP aims to help the needy in times of crisis like poverty and to boost the strength of the handicapped by supporting them financially. On the contrary, the US Social Security works to help the retired citizens and also to the mentally plus physically disabled citizens.

Both the  CPP and US Social Security programs are sponsored by the government of their particular state. The reasons why both the programs were put in force are similar but still, they have dissimilarities in their own. To know more about them read the below written piece of this article.

cpp vs social security

What Are The Key Differences b/w Canada CPP and Social Security?

The significant key difference b/w Canada CPP and Social Security is that the Canadian CPP rate is quite low as compared to the US Social Security.US Social Security income is paid per month to the underprivileged.

However, if the senior citizens retire at the age of 62 the Social Security Fee of $2,710 will be benefited to their bank account. And if retire at the age of 70 the payment of $ 4,873 will be credited to their bank account. The above-mentioned data is for the year 2024.

When in fact the Canadian senior citizen retirement pension is $1364 at the age of 65.

CPP Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan provides several types of benefits. A few of them are enlisted below.

  • Disability Benefits: The poverty rate in Canada among the disabled is high. Citizens who are physically and mentally unfit can apply for the which will provide them with the benefit of $1606.78
  • Old Age Security Benefit: A month before turning 65 which is the standard retirement age in Canada any citizen willing to get this security can apply for it. Even if someone is planning to get retirement benefits in the early 60s can do so but the only disadvantage will be they will be paid a minimum rate. But they will benefit only if they follow certain eligibility criteria.
  • Children’s  Benefit: Children below 18 and 25 who are disabled are granted monthly of payment. The main criterion for claiming this benefit is that the child must have full-time attendance at school. Well, there are many more which you can view on the official website of CPP.

US Social Security Benefits

Similar to CPP benefits US Social Security has 4 crucial benefits they are as under.

  • Retirement Benefits: The retirement benefit is for citizens who are not willing to work anymore due to their old age. In such cases, the Social Security Administration pays them some amount so that they do not have to rely on others and can fulfill their basic requirements at this age.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance: This program pays insurance to adults or children who are unfit in both ways. To claim it the applicant must meet certain criteria and must have the medical report to confirm the disability.
  • Survivor benefits: This benefit is especially for the family members who have lost the main head of a family who used to fulfill all their requirements. So that their children would not lead to the situation of fighting a battle against poverty. It is provided mainly to the widows and their children.

The US Social Security Payments are way too high as compared to the CPP. And may also vary depending on various factors such as age group. Read the chart in the last section of the article to know the payment rate.

How To Apply For CPP And SSA?

For a better understanding, we have mentioned the maximum payment rate for CPP Vs US Social Security in a tabular form. Read the table to know more.

CPP Benefits Maximum Payment Amount
Disability Benefits $ 1606.78
Old Age Security Benefits $ 1364 (Age 65)
Children’s  Benefits $ 294.12

Also, have a look at the payment rate for US Social Security based on different benefits.

CPP Benefits Maximum Payment Amount
Retirement Benefit $ 2710 (Age 65)
Social Security Disability Insurance Not specific depends upon the age group
Survivor benefits $1730

The above-mentioned data in the table is as per the latest rate updates from the website. They may be able to do so with time and after any update to it.


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