Covid-19 vaccine registration opens for people above 18: Kangana Ranaut says she’ll get the jab on May 1, Kartik Aaryan gives a reminder

Registration for the next phase of the Kovid-19 vaccine begins today, with Kangana Ranaut in her latest video message on Twitter urging people to register themselves and get vaccinated as soon as possible. The actor said that no one should believe the ongoing rumors about the vaccine and should fight this battle “on a personal level” against the coronovirus. Actor Karthik Aryan also shared a secret post reminding people that the registration of the vaccine has now started for everyone over the age of 18.

“When you turn 45+, but your wife has to wait until May 1 to get vaccinated, your wife tells the locality that you are 41 years old. Registration opens #VaccineRegistration today,” he said. Tweeted.

Kangana addressed those who felt discouraged and said “this is not a time for self-pity”. The actor said that different generations have faced such a disaster once in their lifetime and this generation is not special. “Those who are uprooting, I tell you that every generation has dealt with diseases like Spanish flu, tuberculosis and plague etc. Why do you think you are special? The population is so large that the whole world is struggling with this disease. And, India has the largest population in the world. The modernity we want to enjoy also has its drawbacks.

He said that if people are not getting a solution, then they should not become a problem. Kangana said, “If you can’t find a solution, don’t become a problem.” We should help others but, first of all we should help ourselves. We should not get infected with coronavirus. Emphasizing the importance of vaccination, the 34-year-old actor shared, “Until last year, we were all worried about the vaccine, but now we have a vaccine, and doctors are telling 98-99% of people who have Have just taken the first vaccine of vaccine can be cured at their home. “

Kangana plans to vaccinate with her entire family on May 1. She has also found employees at her home registered for vaccination. Incorporating his message, the actor said, “Don’t believe the ongoing rumors about vaccines.” Register yourself for vaccination and fight this battle on a personal level. “

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