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During their careers, Alex Bowe and Paul Querna felt that while the use of SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure was exploding, the process of allowing employees to use them was not going on.

The pair led Zero Trust strategies and products at Octa, and could foresee the problem. For the sake of the unrivaled, Zero Trust is a Security concept On the basis that organizations should not automatically rely on anything inside or outside Its circumference and, instead, anything that tries to connect to its system must be verified before granting access.

Bowe and Querna felt that while more organizations were adopting zero trust strategies, they were not implementing privilege controls. This resulted in employees delaying access to the apps or Permission of employees from day one.

Last summer, Bowe made Okta the first virtual entrepreneur-in-residence at the VC firm Excel. There, he and Excel spoke to partner Ping Li and realized that both of them had an interest in addressing the challenge of allowing users of cloud apps more securely.

Recall Lee: “It was really a kind of destiny. We were looking at this problem and I was like, ‘Who can we talk to about space? And we realized that we had an expert in Alex. “

At the time, Bowe told Lee that he was really thinking about starting a company to solve the problem. And so they did. Months later, Querna left Okta to join him in removing the startup from the ground. and today, ConductorOne Announced that it raised $ 5 million in seed funding in a round led by Excel, with participation from Fuel Capital, Fathom Capital and Active Capital.

ConductOne created what the company describes as a “first-of-its-kind identity orchestration and automation platform” to plan to use its new capital. Its goal is the ability to automate and delegate employee access to cloud apps and infrastructure while preserving minimal privilege permissions to deliver IT and identity.

“The root of the problem is that you’ve got these identities – you’ve got employees and contractors on one side and then on the other you’ve got all this SaaS infrastructure and all those roles have infinite serialization and permissions and people in those basic What you can do in the context of the framework environment, ”Bowe said.

Companies of all sizes often have hundreds of apps and infrastructure providers that they are managing. According to Bowe, IT helpdesk queues for those requiring immediate access to resources such as Salesforce, AWS, or GitHub are not uncommon for more than 20% of access requests. Nevertheless every request is manually reviewed to ensure that people get the right level of permissions.

“But its use is never canceled, even if it is unused,” Bowe said. “Without a central layer to automate orchestrate and authorize, it is impossible to handle all permissions, entitlements and on-and-boarding, not to mention auditing and analytics.”

ConductorOne aims to build “the world’s best access request experience”, at the core of which is automation.

Lee of Excel said, “Automation that recognizes privilege management and governance is the next major pillar of cloud recognition.”

Bowe and Querna have deep expertise in space. Prior to Okta, Bowe led enterprise mobile security product development at Lookout. Querna was the co-founder and CTO of ScaleAFT, which was acquired by Octa in 2018. He also led the technology and strategy teams at Rackspace and CloudKick, and is a vocal and active open source software advocate.

While the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ConductorOne is a remote-first company with 10 employees.

“We are deep into product creation right now, and a lot of customers are developing to understand the problems more deeply,” Bowe said. “Then we’ll focus on getting the initial customers.”

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