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Come and discover the Unemployed Comedy Club (and it’s free too)

Well, we thought it was hard for a lot of people this fall: it’s long, it’s cold and it’s expensive. So Topito has decided to create for you an evening, finally a morning, of free stand-up at the mythical Point Virgule. So that everyone, we said everyone (unemployed, retired, student, without status, newborns) can laugh at the start of the school year for at least 1 hour: the Unemployed Comedy Club! We explain to you why you have to come in 5 points.

1. It’s new, it’s hot, and it’s just for you

The first stand-up set for people who struggle. And when you’re out of work, we know it’s not joy every day. Between your mother asking you where you are, your cat judging you, the application letters going straight to the trash… So there for an hour, you forget all that and you have a good laugh (or you try hard ).

2. We know about stand-up (since time)

Topito has been organizing stand-up parties every week for almost 10 years, Topito Comedy Night. So trust us, you’ll have a blast. And if you’re not laughing, tell yourself you didn’t pay.

3. It’s 11:00 a.m. and you have nothing better to do.

Yes that’s it at a time when we often found ourselves on the sofa watching Motus on TV. Good Thierry Beccaro couldn’t be there, but it seemed important to us to do it at this symbolic hour.

4. It’s FREE

0 euro, zip, nada. So that everyone can come and get their money’s worth (well no, you get the idea). And it is at the mythical Point Virgule. We could have done this in our living room, in the office or in the street, but no, we only want the best for you, so it will be in the mythical Point Virgule room in the Marais.

5. You will discover 5 hot artists (and surprises)

And we never make fun of you on the line-up of our parties, the proof in pictures. All presented masterfully by our star to us Urbanwhich today plays its show in Paris and on tour.

Even if it’s free, you have to reserve your place so that we can get everyone in. 3 million unemployed, 3 million students, 14 million retirees, the Point Virgule and its 100 places may be a bit short.

So reserve your place quickly before there are no more.

If you can bring a resume, that’s fine, so we’ll talk about it together. And clean clothes. Thanks in advance.

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