Colors of Your Outfit and Accessories

Colors of Your Outfit and Accessories

Here are few tips to enhance your appearance by selecting the right color. During a meeting, you must inspire confidence, dynamism and professionalism; wear a gray or dark blue and white with a touch of red. Do not wear yellow or green that can be seen as colors of envy, jealousy, betrayal and manipulation in the public service and the trade and finance. 

Dark blue

Prefer a dark blue rather than black since black is a color to announce bad news. And do not disembark in a total look bright red, flashy yellow, orange sparkling, bright green or purple. If you do not want to destabilize your contacts use shades of yellow, orange or pink. Add these sparingly to business attire and better adapted to environments that appreciate originality as talent agencies, communication and fashion.

If you want to convey a message in your appointment with your staffs generally avoid very colorful dress or the dress that composed of more than four colors. Use the right color to reflect your personality, if you are using more color it may give negative impact.

Colors for festive meeting outfit

Glitter in silver, everything is allowed but still avoid looking like a Christmas tree, unless it’s Carnival or the style of the evening. Try to learn about the party where you need to go and adapt to the theme, for example, do not display all the colors of the rainbow in a VIP meet, where it is preferable to adopt a holding minimalist chic with one or two stylish accessories like a cover rather than a large handbag worthy of a travel bag etc.

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