Coda’s Shishir Mehrotra and Madrona’s S. Somasegar to talk taking on Google on Extra Crunch Live – TechCrunch

Coda’s Shishir Mehrotra and Madrona’s S. Somasegar to talk taking on Google on Extra Crunch Live – ClearTips

The collaborative software is very hot right now, but the location is also incredibly congested. It can be difficult to rise above the noise, but Koda has managed to do so with $ 140 million funding and $ 600 million valuation.

So needless to say that in the upcoming episode of Extra Crunch Live, we have Koda CEO Shishir Mehrotra and Madrona investor S.K. Excited to hear from Somsegar, who invested in the company’s Series C round.

Soma is a managing director at Madrona, responsible for investments in Snowflake, Uipath, Koda, Pulumi, Seekout and others. He invests in a wide range of categories including machine learning, next-gen cloud infrastructure, future of work, robotic process automation, and more.

Prior to Madrona, Soma spent 27 years as SVP of the developer division at Microsoft. He has got experience as both an operator and investor and will have a lot of knowledge to impart on this episode.

Mehrotra, for her part, has built a very large business that has not only grown well, but competes directly with giants like Google. Coda is a collaborative document / spreadsheet software that runs counter to G Suite. Prior to Koda, Mehrotra was an executive at YouTube and prior to that, held leadership roles at Microsoft, working on Windows, Office and SQL Server.

We will talk to these two about fundraising for a product like Koda, which attracted Soma to the stage and how they work with each other today. We will also have an additional crunch live pitch-off, where people in the audience can come to the “stage” and pitch their merchandise. Mehrotra and Soma will give their live feedback and face it, making us all better at pitching in general.

The episode airs on June 2 at 3 pm EDT / noon PDT and is available to anyone. However, only Extra Crunch members can access this episode (and the entire ECL library) on-demand. If you are not yet a member, join here.

Register here to hang out with us on the episode.

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