Cobra Kai Finally Makes ‘Daniel Is the Real Bully’ Karate Kid Theory Officially Canon

Karate kid, Released in 1984, was an upcoming film with a very straight forward plot, which gained a cult following due to its heart-touching story and honest performance. Simply put, the focus of the film is a teenager Daniel Laruso and his teacher, Mr. Miyagi, who teach him martial arts so that he can defend himself and stand on his bullies. But this simple story sparked a huge debate, which continues to divide fans of the film even years after the film’s release and now Netflix’s recent release Season 3 Cobra moss Has officially rekindled the argument.

[The following article contains major spoiler from Cobra Kai Season 3. Please proceed only if you’ve watched it or are already thinking “Ah! I know what this article is about.”]

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The premiere episode of Cobra Kai Season 3 picks up, “Later,” where Season 2 ended – with everyone still feeling the impact of the brutal “Karate Cirque” on West Valley High, Miguel Komatos and life Had given up on support. The result should be faced by Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai whose rivalry led to the catastrophe. While Johnny gets drunk, beaten up and arrested, Daniel and Amanda go to attend an urgent PTA meeting after Sam is suspended for two weeks.

To calm the growing uproar, the school decides to ban the practice of martial arts altogether. Daniel stands up to call out “Karate Snort, “ Describing his time at school when he was “insolent” and how “karate saved me,” only to shout something to someone in the crowd Karate kid Fans have been arguing (read: fighting) for decades.

“Bulls ***! I heard you were the real bully!”

For those who have started their journey to get acquainted with Daniel and Johnny Cobra moss Maybe it might just be what I think of as a tiring line, but it’s actually a callback to the wider debate that it wasn’t Johnny who was the bad guy — the real bully, actually Daniel. The debate began anew in 2015 when a YouTuber, J. Matthew Turner posted a viral video detailing how Johnny was a helpless victim targeted by Daniel, the film’s real villain.

For uninvited, Karate kid Starts with Ralph Macchio’s Daniel Shifting in Los Angeles with his mother. Soon he meets and falls for high school cheerleader Eli Mills (Elizabeth Shu), attracted to his arrogant and jealous ex-boyfriend, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and his loyal gang of Bailees. After being beaten badly by the group, Daniel begins learning karate from local immigrant Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) and enters the All-Valley Karate Championship on the condition that Johnny and his friends harass him while winning. Will stop Despite repeated dishonest attempts by Sensory Cresse, Daniel reaches the final round to defeat him where he defeats Johnny with the famous crane technique.

While the film simply portrays the characters in shades of gray, with a slight inclination towards their aptitude for the villain, it is clear that the protagonist of the story is Daniel and Johnny serves as the antagonist’s part. But like the video above, many others die hard Karate kid Fans, show that ‘Daniel is the real goon’ Who was “a violent sociopath who chooses every fight” and “moves to a California city and starts tormenting a local boy and his friends.” The theory further claims that the story’s tragic figure is actually Johnny who was a “reluctant” and “flawed” hero.

Theory further claims that all of Daniel’s fault in the severe beating was because he was holding his head where he shouldn’t have been and Johnny was just trying to “stop Daniel’s fury” by pushing him. So, Mr. Miyagi was the “demon magician” and “child batsman” who helped Daniel win the “Tainted Blood Trophy” at the tournament.

Over the years, many have put forward both in favor and against the theory, arguing that Johnny was a bully who was targeting Daniel because the latter also tried to avoid fights or how Daniel Deliberately created chaos for her nemesis. Even though both warring factions of fans have yet to reach the deadlock, one side can now find solace in the fact that the “Daniel is the real bully” theory is now officially canon Karate kid Universe. You can watch the full YouTube video detailing the theory here.

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