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When WeWork appeared, other entrepreneurs looked at the model and wondered if you could apple co-working for assets, why not implement co-living. Thus, in America, the common appeared, as did Hamlet in Asia. In the European Union, Habit launched, but has already caught up to its competitors Quarter, Golliving and Erasmo’s Room.

It has now closed a Series B round of €20M / $24M, and in 2016 merged with Homefully, another competitor founded by Sebastian Wurz. The round was backed by HV Capital (formerly Holtzbrink Ventures), Vorwerk Ventures, P101 and Picus Capital.

Founded in 2017 by Luca Bovon, Habit will now have over 5,000 units in 15 cities and 6 countries. The merged companies will offer fully furnished and serviced units, with a tech-enabled user-experience and community focus, aimed at young professionals aged 20 to 35 who can create jobs and cities. transfer quite often.

Luca Bowone, founder and CEO of Habit, said: “We have been on an incredible journey over the past year and a half. Despite less than perfect market conditions, we have been able to grow a lot through a very successful M&A strategy. This has enabled us to position ourselves as the leaders in our field in Europe and there is still a lot of potential. This 20M Series B round is our doorstep to continue building Habit through truly organic growth and more M&A. We are now looking at strategic targets in Europe, particularly in France and Italy, and in other continents, particularly in Asia.

Sebastian Wurz, Founder of Homeful, said: “The collating market is going through a consolidation phase and Habit has really quickly and effectively seized this opportunity and the best path forward to become a leader in the sector globally. But joining forces is an important step in this direction and I am very excited for the team to be a part of this journey.”

Felix Kluher, HV partner, said: “We are delighted to see Habit emerge as a leading player in the European co-living market and are excited to support the team in their ambitious plan to make HV the leading European co-living company. is.”

In an interview, Bowon told me: “It’s like a member’s club. We have a membership model, where people pay a monthly fee, which is your rent, and then you can, of course, apply for a room elsewhere and know that we have more rooms across Europe. Finally there is a fairly good scale in Southern Europe as well. . You are able to move from one place to another. Our motto is Live Anywhere. “

He said the pandemic meant people were leaving co-working spaces and “they would prefer to spend 50 to 100 euros more per month to get better housing where they can work comfortably from home.”

“We’re already seeing within our customer base, they want to stay in Berlin for six months, three months in Madrid, then move back to Berlin and so on. The traditional housing market just doesn’t let that happen. You have There are contracts with utilities and so on, that you can never break and it’s just an old product offering, and we’re trying to deal with that.

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