When Do The Clocks Change in UK This Year? UK Time Change News

Check the details about the Clocks Change 2024: When Do The Clocks Change in UK This Year? UK Time Change News here. The beginning of the new year and the addition of a day in the leap years lead to changes in the clock time and the schedules. We have shared the details about Clocks Change 2024 in this article.

Clocks Change 2024

The time in the UK is calculated with the British Summer Time(BST). The period is 1 hour ahead of the Greenwich Meridian time. The country is expected to experience the clock change from 31st March 2024. The duration will be extended by 1 hour. The clock will go an hour forward on the last day of March and will again return to 1-hour previous time on the last Sunday of October.

The changes in the clock time are due to the leap year and the effects of the rotational eclipse on the momentary of the earth. As we prepare for the cold weather, the daytime is less, and the night durations are increased. The difference in the sun time might be affected by climatic change. The day-saving time is approaching around the corner. As we are moving towards the summer, the duration of the day will be peaked by 22nd June 2024.

When Do The Clocks Change in the UK This Year?

The clock springs forward in the mid-summer to mark the beginning of the British Summer Time. The citizens will be losing their one-hour seep during this period. The country generally experiences a change in the clock twice a year.

Clocks Change

The procedure for the change in the clock is a part of their culture and has been followed for over a century. The details about the clock change in March are discussed in the table below:

Date Time Remark
March 31st 01:00:00 The clock is turned forward by 1 hour
March 31st 02:00:00 Local Day Time

The changes in the clock during October are detailed in the table below:

Date Time Remark
October 27th 02:00:00 The clock is turned backwards by 1 hour
October 27th 01:00:00 Local Day Time

The start of the BST is with the extension of 1 hour, and the end of the BST is with the turn of the 1-hour timing. The clock follows the general Greenwich meridian time after the end of the BST schedule.

UK Time Change News

The clock will jump from 11:59 pm to 1:00 am in the clock schedule. This phenomenon will be a surreal experience for the citizens watching their digital devices. These changes will be noticed across the country. and the clock will turn back from 1:00 am to 11:59 pm again at the end of BST. The clock is changed in order to follow the rules of the British Summer time.

The changes in the clock were first designed to help the season-dependent farmers and the population by maximizing the sunlight period throughout the season. However, the changes in the clock do not affect the length of the day. The sunrise and the dawn are similar to the other countries’ timing.

The idea of the summertime was initiated in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. However, a serious proposal for the implementation of the BST was stated in 1904. William Willett, the Great Grandfather of Coldplay, initiated the plan for the extended daytime. He self-published and promoted the pamplet called “The Waste of Daytime”. These pamphlets were creating a revolt among the citizens, and the legislative was deciding for the implementation of the Daytime.

In 1916, a year after the death of the Wiilam Frankling, the authorities announced the implementation of the Summer Daytime. German became the first country to adopt the BST time. Within a few years of the implementation, many countries have adopted the BST Schedule. There are many other countries that implemented their own time with the region and the hemisphere of the location.

Effect of the Clock Changes

With the changes in the schedule, many religious conflicts arose, many revolts, and the questionary were demanded formats he council. The major affected people were the Muslims who needed to follow their prayer at Sunset time.

Do Other Countries Face the Clock Changes?

Around 70 countries have adopted the changes in the British Summer Time. These include Northern America and Europe but a fewer regions among them. The countries near the Equatorial region have set their own time zones based on the variation of the sunsets.

Big Ben automatically represents the change in time with which the individuals analyse the duration. This has great significance for the people as it is known to be the great clock of Westminster in the Elizabeth Tower, and everyone follows it.


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