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ClearTips’s new home

The original plan today was to spend a minute to explain that the Daily Crunch is now being put together by a new and expanded team. I Your friend alex, Writing and assembling the main sections from here on out. We will also input Walter And additional crunch favors on Annie (like today’s exchange column!), With community notes Drew even more. It will be very good.

But today with the news that the parent company of ClearTips is selling our parent company For a new parent company, we can’t do anything but accept that our newsletter shakeup is hardly the biggest news of the day.

You can read more of ClearTips’s coverage of the deal. We will have more on this matter in the coming weeks. You will learn more about it as we do.

I am excited to have the opportunity to write to you every day. A big thank you Anthony Ha, Which ran this long newspaper for so long. But one very Startups and tech news to get through today, so let’s set aside private equity purchases of legacy media assets for the moment and get into the stuff we care about the most.

Big Story: Duolingo EC-1

ClearTips has covered the explosive edtech sector on a larger scale than last year (a few examples here and here), largely thanks to Natasha’s Work. She joined the TC team just before the epidemic, prompting her to focus immediately on education technology as the world went into lockdown. Distance education became the default, and Several billion dollars in venture capital The trend quickly followed.

Now, perhaps at the other end of the COVID era, Natasha has published a deep dive into one of the most lucrative companies in the EdTech sector: Duolingo. According to its report in its brand-new EC-1, investigating the company, Duolingo has invested 500 million users and $ 190 million in 2020 bookings.

Edtech is now big business, and after a history of being a place where venture capital goes to die, it is instead a red-hot area. I’m still chewing the 10,000+ words we just sent to Duolingo, but it’s already clear that Natasha crushed this particular assignment.

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Startup and venture capital: either NXT is the next big thing or a lot of people are very wrong

Let’s talk startups, yes? Turning to the news of the day, I found some gems for your distaste.

We will start with Zumo, an Australian e-bike company (formerly Bolt Bikes) that wants delivery people to unsubscribe for their two-wheeled Zoomers. As ClearTips recently reported, you may have heard of the company “after it has made a name for itself through partnerships with Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver delivery workers through weekly subscriptions at discounted rates Use of e-bikes helped. “

It has since expanded to 10,000 bikes internationally and wants its employees to work with all types of companies to learn about its hardware. And it raised just $ 12 million. Let’s see how its new capital allows the company to go beyond er, scooty.

Next up is Gedaround, which raised $ 3.5 million in just one seed round. The company, formerly known as Icebreaker, helps remote teams organize engaging video meetings. Which is not a bad idea, because sometimes you need a little help to break the damn ice.

Per our own Mary Ann Azivedo, “Homebrew and Bloomberg Beta led to the company’s latest uplift, involving the participation of angel investors such as Strip COO Claire Hughes Johnson, Meetup co-founders Scott Heiferman, Lee Jin and Lenny Rechitsky.”

Finally, it is impossible to cover a startup without NFTs in 2021 Lucas matni To tap our brains into cryptovers:

One of the most popular NXT projects on the web, the creator behind Cryptocurrency, just revealed his latest project called Meebits. The project consists of 20,000 procedurally generated 3D characters based on the Ethereum blockchain.

I won’t lie, why doesn’t 200,000 generate procedurally? Or 2,000,000? Or 20? A lot of my friends are tweeting about bored apes and breeding of digital horses. In the meantime, I sit on a pile of paper books once like paper and be able to see what will happen. Either way, this is the year of non-fungible digital ownership of evidence for digital ownership of fungal images.

Further reading:

Tech Giants: Twitter vs Clubhouse

Turning to Big Tech companies, today was good news, which is most important that Twitter’s push into live audio is no joke. Nor is it some kind of side project that never takes full care of the social giant’s product team. Instead, Twitter announced today that “it is making Twitter space available to any account with 600 or more followers, including both iOS and Android users.” All Report.

More than that, the company “unveiled some of the officially launched features, such as tick space, scheduling features, reminders, support for co-hosting, accessibility improvements, and more.” Promote, children; Twitter vs Clubhouse is now in its second round and we are very hyped about it.

Two more things for your reading pleasure: When it comes to the biggest tech companies, one major topic – and the current theme of the lawsuit between Team Forenite and Team Dongle – is the revenue cuts that take the App Store to all stripes Meets for . Long stuck at 30%, a rate that Apple apparently has to stick to in order to determine how poorly it looks to them.

Today, Epic Games purchased ArtStation and cut its commission rate by 30%, to 12% that Epic now charges on its game store. Microsoft previously reduced its deduction to 12%. The voice you’re listening to, Apple is screaming because some of its record net income is gradually erased by more manufacturer-friendly business practices.

Finally, in the world of Big Tech, Dell is selling Dell Bomys to help cover debts earned by purchasing EOCs. Ron miller Is the description.

Twitter at CES 2020

Image Credit: Techcrunch

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Analytics as a Service: Why More Enterprises Should Consider Outsourcing

As the KPI goes, returns to Experience (RoX) near the top of the list. Unfortunately, many startups have no way of measuring RoX – to do so requires a holistic approach that exceeds the capacity of most growth-focused, early-stage companies.

Startups are experiencing growth in the Analytics-as-Service (AAAS) market to develop a data strategy while conserving engineering resources. If you are looking for insights into strategically winning customers, cutting technical costs, and making increasingly better decisions, AAAS can help you set realistic expectations.

How to attract large investors to your direct investment platform

A changing regulatory environment and epidemic-fueled growth have generated a lot of new money and increased interest in direct investment.

In a guest post for Extra Crunch, investor David Teton examines several online platforms that serve as market-makers to gain a better understanding of how to attract investors and increase engagement.

“These companies play to higher stakes,” says Teton, as a competent direct-investment platform should be able to operate as fundamentally as a traditional fund.

(Extra Crunch is our membership program that helps founders and startup teams move forward. You can sign up here.)


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