Citrine is used in Feng Shui

Citrine is used in Feng Shui.

Citrine is associated positively with optimism and positivity, which is no surprise given its bright colour. The Citrine is often used to help manifest financial abundance and other opportunities. You can use it to stimulate the solar plexus chakra and help to develop confidence and personal power.

Citrine: What is it?

Citrine, a type of quartz crystal, is very popular. It is often used in combination with feng-shui to bring prosperity, abundance, and positivity. Rare and natural citrine is usually amethyst. It has been heated to change its colour. Citrine is named after the French word citron, which means lemon. Citrine is available in sunny yellows and oranges, just like citrus fruits.


Citrine Properties

Colour: Yellow, orange and brown

Chakra: All, but especially solar plexus

Number: Vibrates up to 6


Zodiac: Aries. Gemini. Leo. Libra. Rooster.

Bagua areas: Tai qi (Health), Xun (Abundance)

Elements: Fire and Earth

Origin: Brazil, Russia, UK, Madagascar, France, US

Citrine: Meaning and uses

Citrine is an uncommon crystal because it transforms instead of absorbs negative energy. It doesn’t require to be cleaned like other crystals. It promotes calm emotions and balanced emotions.

Citrine Types

Natural citrine is a type of quartz with colours such as yellow, orange, or brown infused. It is more difficult to find than the heat-treated variety and can be more costly.

Heat-treated citrine can also be called heat-treated amethyst. This is a purple-coloured type of quartz. The purple colour changes to yellow, orange, or brown when heated. Although there are mixed reviews about heat-treated citrine vs natural, we recommend that you choose the crystal you feel most connected to.

Smoky citrine, a combination of citrine and smoky quartz, is a form of citrine. It can be especially useful in spiritual matters. Citrine can be used to remove old beliefs that may have been preventing you from experiencing abundance. It is said to be more grounding than regular citrine.

Spirit quartz “Citrine,” a type with citrine colours, helps cleanse the energy body and invite forgiveness towards yourself and others. It can also help attract prosperity and remove attachments to material objects.

Feng Shui uses

Citrine is a wonderful crystal that can be used to improve your home’s feng-shui flow. These are our top tips for using citrine to improve your feng-shui.

Activate Tai Qi in the Health Area

Citrine’s warm and earthy colour makes it an excellent addition to your Tai Qi area. Tai Qi, which is located in the middle of your home, represents health and well-being. It is related to the earth element and colours such as yellow, brown, and orange. It’s located in the center of the space, so the Tai Qi touches all areas. This means that any changes made in this area will have an impact on other areas. Place a piece of citrine in the Tai Qi to increase energy and promote vitality and wellness in your home.

Activate Xun to access the Wealth Corner

Citrine is associated with prosperity and abundance. It has a natural connection with Xun, which refers to the feng shui map area connected to wealth and abundance. Standing in front of the door and looking in can help you find your wealth area. Your wealth area is located in the far left corner. You can add some citrine to this corner to bring more wealth into your life. Citrine is associated with self-worth, and Xun can be placed here to increase your confidence and trust in yourself.

Invite Earth Energy

The earth element is associated with stability, grounding, nourishment, and nutrition. If you feel anxious or ungrounded, you may need more earth energy. Citrine, which is a stone from the earth, has a strong connection with this element. Citrine can be used in your home to bring more earth elements into your life.

Activate Your Wallet

A great way to tap into the stone’s abundance connection is to keep a small amount of citrine in your pocket. Citrine is good for generosity and wealth accumulation. Although it may seem like they are incompatible, sharing wealth and retaining wealth go hand-in-hand. You will be more likely to share what you have if you feel more prosperous. You will feel more prosperous and be able to keep more of your wealth.

Workspace prosperity is yours.

Citrine is a stone that attracts abundance. You can place a piece or two of citrine at your desk or anywhere else in your office to attract more positivity and prosperity into your work life.

You can wear Citrine on your body.

A piece of citrine that you can carry around with you is a great way to bring the stone’s sunny energy and bright light throughout your day. You can choose an item you love and make an intention for how it should support you. It will be a reminder of your intention each time you wear it.

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