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Chromebooks had a banner 2020 – TechCrunch

2020 was a strange year by any measure. Certainly it was a wild ride for those in the consumer electronics category. Take Smartphone – Manufacturing was delayed in China earlier, after which the demand for the board decreased. There are plenty of reasons to contribute to the latter, but the simplest and most prevalent is that people did not want to spend money just to upgrade their devices.

But the epidemic also changed – how and where – many people work and learn. It was an abrupt change for many, with economic uncertainty faced. After steadying, cisterning and quitting for years, PC and tablet sales increased. Earlier this month, IDC noted a nearly 20% increase in tablet sales for Q4, due to a backlog in PC availability.

The firm’s new figures (previously noted by GeekWire) reveal some significant benefits for Chromebooks during that time. According to IDC’s PC Tracker, the model comprised 10.8% of the PC market for 2020; This is up from 6.4% a year earlier. This number surpassed MacOS’s 7.5% for the previous year.

Nevertheless, Apple still grew by 6.7% as an overall percentage of the market. Both of those numbers have eaten into Windows figures – although Microsoft dominates the market at 80.5% (down from 85.4%).

The figures reflect positive reports from other firms. In January, Canalys said, “Chromebook vendors enjoyed new heights of success in Q4, as the overall market quadrupled in size over the same period about a year ago.” Pricing is certainly a factor, with an overall scuffle as schools have become virtual amidst COVID-19 concerns.

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