Christopher Lee and Vincent Price Honored by Horror Fans on Their Shared Birthday

Sir Christopher Lee and Vincent Price Would the two be celebrating their shared birthday today if they were still here, and fans everywhere are paying homage to the departed horror legends. Although Lee’s career spanned decades and included many amazing performances, horror fans particularly appreciate his classic portrayal of Count Dracula in the Hammer horror films. Meanwhile, Price is known for his unique looks and personality, as seen in a variety of classic horror titles.

Fans outside the horror genre are also doing the honors Christopher lee. Including a picture from a Bond movie set, James Bond The Twitter account posted: “Today we remember Christopher Lee on what would have been his 99th birthday. Here he is on set The man with the golden gun With co-star Maud Adams. “

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Given his performance in Star wars Universe, another fan wrote: “Remembering the person who bought Count Dooku to life. Celebrate Christopher Lee with us today, what will be his 99th birthday.”

“Christopher Lee’s Dooku is undermined by the Air Force,” added another sci-fi fan. “Most Sith sadists are Chinese daddies or dangerous crooks, but Dooku always feels alienated. A fallen Jedi is disenchanted with the republic, Dooku feels genuine with his ideals, but lost in his ways. I get Christopher Lee Miss you. “

Reflecting on what Lee had to offer, another fan said, “Today is Christopher Lee’s birthday. From Dracula, For Saruman, to count Dooku you were an ultimate legend and is remembered every single day. “

Horror fans who liked Lee’s classic performance as Dracula are also paying tribute to fellow horror legend Vincent Price. If he were still here, Price would have been celebrating his 110th birthday, but he died in 1993. The two actors were actually quite close friends, and Marshall Julius honored both of them by posting a video paying tribute to Lee. this is your Life.

“Name another iconic duo,” reads a separate tweet from Arrow Films, which features a simultaneous image of the two actors.

Someone else tweeted, “Happy birthday to my fearsome kings, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price!”

Another fan of Price says, “Today is the birthday (1911) of one of my favorite horror actors, Vincent Price. I loved re-watching him and his films on a Saturday afternoon as a child.”

Also recognizing the birthday of another horror legend, Peter Cushing, whose birthday was the day before, another fan posted an image of the three actors and wrote, “Happy Heavenly Birthday, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price! And Peter Cushing’s It was yesterday. Not really. “

In any case, today seems an ideal day to honor Lee and Price as well as Cushing by reviewing some of their classic film performances. Each can be considered a pioneer of the horror genre, and will always be particularly loved and remembered by fans of his films. May they all rest in peace as their respective heritage continues to shine forever. You can see many more tribute posts in honor of the actors’ birthday on Twitter.

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