Chris Pine and Ben Foster to Reunite for Thriller Violence of Action

Wonder Woman 1984 Star Chris Pine reunites with them hell or high water For co-star Ben Foster Action violence, A new thriller from STXfilms. Pine and Foster’s one-two dramatic punch hopes that it will once again prove to be their charismatic charisma, as they had their support in this tale of black ops and betrayal in 2016.

Action violence Being starred by Swedish director Tariq Saleh, whose previous credits include 2017 crime drama Picks The Neil Hilton Incident As well as episodes of popular series Done by And Ray donovan. Action violence Stars Pine is seen as “James Harper, who, after being inadvertently discharged from the Green Berets, joins a paramilitary organization to support his family, the way he knows how. Harper A black ops travels to Berlin with his elite team to investigate on a mission. A mysterious threat. In his first assignment, he finds himself alone and hunts across Europe, where he has long to get home. One has to fight to stay alive and reveal the true intentions of those who betray him. “

The script comes with JP Davis Action violence To set Gillian Jacobs as well (Community), Eddie Marsan (Alice Creed disappears), Rent fare (Children 44), Nina Hoss (Marvel), And Amira Kasar (Call me by your name) together Chris Pine And Ben foster. STXfilms has acquired US distribution rights Action violence And being produced by Basil Ivanek and Erica Lee (A) of Thunder Road Films John wick Franchise, Greenland, Cicillo), With 30WEST film fully financed. 30 West’s Dan Friedkin, Micah Green, and Dan Steinman are executive producers, along with Pine, Jonathan Furman, Tom Lasley, Josh Breitman, and Esther Hornstein of Thunder Road.

“We have been very impressed with what we have seen so far in the Violence of Action,” STXFilms motion picture group chairman Adam Fogelson said in a statement. “Chris delivers every kind of unforgettable performance that resonates with audiences everywhere. It’s an advanced action film with real franchise potential and we look forward tremendously to working with teams from Chris, Tariq and Thunder Road and 30West Excited. “

Action violence Is a whole Jason bourne This, and seems like the perfect outlet for Project Pine’s simple charisma, gives the actor an opportunity to put in his all-powerful performance as he develops bad guys while trying to uncover his nefarious plans .

The first time Pine and Foster joined forces was in director David McKenzie’s brilliant neo-western, hell or high water. Written by Academy Award nominee Taylor Sheridan, Paine and Foster Starr as brothers Toby and Tanner, who are forced to carry out a series of bank robberies to save their family farm, while Gill is from Birmingham and one Career Best Jeff Bridges is followed by two Texas residents played. hell or high water With their reunion, Pine and Foster’s central performances proved to be a major critical success, having no small part. Action violence Hopefully providing the same cinematic pleasure.

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