Chris Hemsworth May Call Mel Gibson for Mad Max Advice Before Filming Furiosa

Crazy max The prequel, Furiosa, is set to shoot the biggest film in the history of Australia, and star Chris Hemsworth has admitted that he is feeling “a lot of pressure” to be proud of the franchise. In fact, before the pressure was too high, the actor has now stated that he could give the original Crazy max Leadership Mel Gibson A call for some advice on the best advice to continue the legacy, indicating that his role in the project is a childhood dream come true.

“It’s something I’m going to put my heart and soul into because it’s really for me, the biggest pinch-of-everything moment I’ve ever done because I’m watching it.”

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Produced by George Miller and Byron Kennedy, Crazy max In 1979, Mel Gibson starred as the title character, a police officer in the future of Australia, who was experiencing social collapse due to war and lack of significant resources. Gibson starred in two follow-up films, Crazy max 2 In 1981, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome In 1985, before being reorganized with Tom Hardy for 2015 Mad max fury road. Of course, Gibson remains the main part of the series despite being replaced, and Chris Hemsworth It would be wise to ask the actor what the best approach is for the next chapter of the Australian Post-Apocalypse story.

Description of Hemsworth’s role in Furiosa Not yet revealed, but a recent leak claims that A. Thor The star will play a character named Dementus, described as a man in his 30s-40s, “breathtakingly beautiful”, and he has “the face of an angel, wounded by a shiny forehead. , Which are stitched together with shiny chrome staples. “

Returning director George Miller begins shooting for the film Furiosa In 2022 in New South Wales and recently praised the respective governments for their support on the project. “The support of the federal and New South Wales governments was quite significant. They shot the film in Greenlight, Australia and made it possible for production in our home state,” Miller said in a statement.

Furiosa Events will take place long before Rage route, The titanic rebel warrior, and long before the character’s origins were discovered, he became the driving force of Immortan Joe’s war rig and joined forces with Tom Hardy’s Mad Max Rockatansky. George Miller is returning to co-write, direct and produce the project with his longtime Oscar-nominated production partner Doug Mitchell.

Queen’s throne Star Anya Taylor-Joy has been cast as the younger version of Furiosa, taking over Mad max fury road Star Charlize Theron. Taylor-Joy said of the film, “I was amazed by this incredible mind of George Miller. It’s hard to tell in words.” “I feel so humble and grateful. I think the first thing I thought was’ I’m excited to work so hard.” I try to match the level of commitment shown by the people who have come before me. This makes me really excited. I have great respect for this collection of natives and characters of this crazy world. I am excited to work. really hard.”

Several details about the plot of the film have now been released, including the idea that it will last several years. “While Fury Road essentially took place over three days and two nights, it occurs over many years,” Miller revealed. Furiosa To be released on 23 June 2023. This comes courtesy of ABC Australia for us.

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