Chris Evans Already Misses Marvel, But Finds the Freedom Exciting

Chris Evans Already Misses Marvel, But Finds the Freedom Exciting

Actor and producer Chris Evans ended his run of MCU as Captain America in a way that was as emotionally satisfying as it was surprising. While Evan’s career is post-MCU panna, producing several hit films and shows with him, the actor recently admitted to Backstage magazine that he began to miss the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I absolutely loved my time with Marvel; I already miss it. But there is no denying that gaining complete independence to pursue my creative hunger is very exciting. is.”

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it is likely that American captain Based on the popularity of the MCU, Evans has been most closely associated with the rest of his career, and has been a storyteller of decades of storytelling and fantasy in comics, cartoons, and video games, making Cap a global icon . The actor was once favored in a star-spangled suit. Evans was aware of the burden of expectations to play the role with such a legacy.

“It was a great hope that these people already had the idea of ​​who this character was, and you should respect it. The audience would be a part of it. [these films] Work, and I owe the group what they see.

Ultimately, the actor had to strike on his own, ignoring that fans felt like he should be like Captain America, and relying on his own instinct to play the character.

“At a certain point, you have to say, ‘Well, I have to approach it in such a way that I will do something else, too,” and it is done every single day on a personal level without being concerned about how it’s supposed to be. Is associated with. Trying to cut according to how your clothes look is a risky way. “

Evans also noted the importance of being able to transform Captain America into a three-pronged character, to feel empathy for others and to listen to others, for their roles.

“Sometimes, the choices that I find most powerful and dynamic, the choices that make you lean into an actor, the choices that make you want to make more, are found in those moments in between. When An actor knows how to be restrained and ride. The power of silence, listening… Acting is sympathy for the human condition. Whether you play the role of a hero or a villain, a person’s process — empathy for empathy To recognize that you don’t know how other people experience things, and have a curiosity about trying to draw parallels between their experience and your own – is such a beautiful thing. “

Struggling for fans though Chris Evans Once again put on the suit and wiped out the star-marked shield for a fresh MCU film as Captain America, the actor has consistently maintained that he is satisfied with his character’s arc in the franchise, and is back in the role will not come. Still, Evan’s approach to the character sets a gold-standard for live-action reboots American captain The franchise that will inevitably happen at some point in the future. Backstage brings us these comments.

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