Cherry Shoot Had Tom Holland Losing 30 Lbs That He Had to Gain Back Fast

Tom Holland lost a lot of weight Cherry And it was to get it all back. In addition, Holland co-star Sierra Bravo had to do the same. The Russo Brothers finally revealed the first footage from the highly anticipated film earlier this week, which fans can expect. Even before the first footage was released, whispers of an Academy Award nomination for Holland were circulating around the entertainment industry.

In a new interview, Rousseau Brothers talked about Cherry And their process that they went through to make the film. The directing duo wanted to ensure that the tone shift of the film was clear, so they used various filters and filming techniques to make that clear. However, the actors had a largely physical role during the story. Joe Russo says, “Holland really shook himself for the part. He lost 30 pounds, he took it back. We’re on an independent film schedule here. He really has a lot of things to do. there’s no time.”

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30 pounds is a lot of weight, especially for Tom Holland, who also currently portrays Peter Parker Spider Man Franchise for Sony and Marvel Studios. The actor is currently filming Spider man 3 In Atlanta. Holland also underwent a physical transformation for co-star Sierra Bravo Cherry, Which is detailed by Joe Russo. You can read what Russo had to say about the physical element of the film.

“He shook himself physically and emotionally for this. I just want to bring this up, you know, Tom lost about a quarter of his body weight. I know that Jackal has lost a lot of weight. , And you know what it’s like when you do that. For some time, and you’re living with the same every day. You’re starving yourself and you have to go to work and these Have to deal with emotionally horrifying scenes. Naked to yourself, you kept yourself raw for these performances, to get as much authenticity as possible, this is some of the most impressive performance work we’ve ever been a part of . And it came at a real material cost to both. Them. “

The Russo Brothers are incredibly proud of their young cast who were able to bring on Nico Walker Cherry On the big screen. Walker’s story is the basis of the film, loosely based on his real life experience with severe PTSD, which ends with an extreme opioid addiction. Like Cherry, Walker finds himself robbing banks to support his drug habit that eventually jails him.

Nico Walker actually negotiated the filming rights for Cherry With the Russo Brothers, while he was still behind bars. Cherry, Like almost every film that has been released since the epidemic, will be released in theaters and streaming upon release. It hits theaters on February 26 and will be available on AppleTV + shortly after March 12. CinemaBlend was one of the first outlets to report on the weight loss of Tom Holland and Sierra Bravo Cherry.

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