Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington join Paul Feig’s The School For Good and Evil

Filmmaker Paul Feig’s upcoming Netflix film The School for Good and Evil features Hollywood actors Charlize Theron and Carey Washington in their cast.

The film is an adaptation of the story novel The School for Good and Evil by Indian-American writer Soman Chanani.

Feig, best known for his comedy bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy, will direct the film Life of Pi fame and Laura Solon’s David Maggie.

He shared the news of Theron and Washington being cast in the film in a post on Twitter.

“I know which school I am applying to. So thrilled to welcome Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington to ‘School for Good and Evil’! Everyone, ready to go to school! “Fieg wrote.

The School for Good and Evil was published in 2013 as Chenani’s first novel and the first of a six-book series.

The book follows the adventures of best friends Sophie and Agatha at School for Good and Evil, where ordinary boys and girls are trained to become fairy-tale heroes and villains.

Sophie has princess aspirations and hopes to be selected for School for Good and Agatha seems a natural fit for the villains at School for Evils. Yet soon the girls see their fortunes overturned, leading to their friendship.

Actors Sophia Wylie and Sophia Anne Caruso will play the lead roles.

Theron is set to play Lady Lesso, while Washington will play Professor Dovey in the film.

The project stars Joe Roth, Jeffrey Kirschenboom, Jane Startz and Figo’s Feig and Laura Fisher as producers. Zac Roth, Patricia Rigan and Chenani are linked as executive producers.

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