Charlie’s Angels Crew Member Reveals the Truth Behind Bill Murray Vs. Lucy Liu Fight

Charlie’s Angels Fighting is the stuff of legends. Rumors have been swirling for 20 years now about a feud between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu on the set of the big screen adaptation of the hugely popular ’70s TV show. Recently, Sean O’Banion, a verified production assistant who worked on set at the time of the fight, told his version of the story. He claims he’s been in the thick of it, and his claims don’t put Bill Murray in a very good light.

“Basically, Murray rewrote a bunch of scenes without telling anyone (including Drew who was a producer. He put new pages in everyone’s trailers and everyone started wondering where the new pages came from. Murray was the last). ) stepped onto the stage and by that time there was already widespread confusion. McGee (the director) was annoyed that no one had consulted him. Eddie was also angry. Drew’s producer partner came and said Murray, “What Running?” McGee was like, “Did you get new pages in your trailer?” And Murray was like, “No. But I put new pages in everyone’s trailer.” Drew and his partner were very upset about it.”

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“Murray was like, ‘I’m making this better, okay? You have 16 authors on this thing…” and” [Lucy Liu] Saying something like this, “It’s out of the way.” Murray turned around and said, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I gave you more lines. I mean… look who you’re with. You’re on TV… and it’s big league.” At that point Lucy shouted, “Fuck you, you fucking cock!” And Eddie immediately cleared the stage as Lucy ran off the stage crying.”

“Cameron was trying to be the peacemaker and protect Drew as Eddie cleared the stage. Of course in production we all had to stay inside to keep people out. I love Bill Murray(and had worked with him before), but what he told her was completely unnecessary. Really short and crap. It was also very early in the process, and the crew already really liked Lucy (and Cameron and Drew). otherwise also. No punches were hit. At least not physically. He later apologized, though not completely honestly imho.”

Sean O’Banion’s account sums up the consequences of being a squeaky wheel when you’re part of a marginalized group. He writes about the double standards that have had a lasting effect on the career of a powerless man with his “uncontrollable ego run amok” against the elite.

Several actresses who came forward against Harvey Weinstein found out that her career had been sabotaged by her. Peter Jackson came forward after Harvey Weinstein was exposed for sexual assault and assault, saying that Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino were both in the running in the late 1990s Lord of the Rings Jackson was discouraged from working with actresses by the trilogy Miramax Films. Both Judd and Sorvino were some of the first actresses to come out with allegations against Weinstein.

John Boyega’s impassioned speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in London’s Hyde Park echoes the same concerns, “I’m talking to you from my heart. Look, I don’t know if I’m going to make a career after this, But fuck you.” for the last 20 years Charlie’s Angels The story said that Lucy Liu ended the conflict with a physical assault on Murray. And his career took a hit. Finding out that he tried to stand up for himself and his fellow cast members ended in tears, and suffered lasting consequences, which, while sadly, show that times are changing. It will be difficult to say what will be the result today.

Actor Crispin Glover appeared in both Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle as a thin man. He felt that he had some suggestions to improve the film. This is how he did it. “The dialogue was just exhibitionist,” he recalls. He told the director, McGee, that the character should be played as a mute and he agreed somewhat surprisingly. Glover took on the silent role of the villain, battling Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz. This is cooperation.

Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen stood out for their talents and are slowly becoming the expected result of these acts of misconduct, replacing Bill Murray for the sequel. Sean O’Banion coming forward and providing his honest account of professional misconduct is another step in the right direction. But waiting 20 years to build a career and my own production company before speaking my truth shows we still have a long way to go. This story originated in The Mary Sue.

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