Champagne risotto and chanterelles!

Champagne risotto and chanterelles!

This is a delicate risotto that you can use for the holidays! The rice has a fragrant and well-prepared mushroom is a treat. It has been well appreciated at a small dinner with friends.

This recipe comes from kitchen off-again series currently; you can make small changes according to your taste and imagination.

For 6 people:
600g mushrooms
3 shallots
1 onion
2 tbsp chopped chervil
360g risotto rice
250ml champagne
1L chicken stock
40g grated cheese
3 tbsp cream cheese
50g butter
2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

In fact half of the chopped mushrooms are, and it bothered me to chop half so I put half chanterelles I kept whole mushrooms and half of Paris and those where I’ve chopped. Clean the mushrooms. In a skillet, saute chopped shallots with olive oil and add Salt and pepper. Book in half and the other coarsely chops. In a skillet, fry the chopped onion with 30g butter. Add the rice and stir for 3 minutes, the rice gets a little pearl. Pour the champagne and simmer, stirring until it is absorbed.

Then pour a ladle of chicken broth and stir until all is absorbed before adding another ladle of broth and stir and so on, it takes about twenty minutes.

When the rice is cooked (do not hesitate to taste), add half of the chopped mushrooms, chervil, grated cheese and add 20g butter. Adjust the seasoning. Divide the risotto on a plate and add the mushrooms over the whole.

Serve it hot.

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