CES 2021 Day 2: Razer’s insane concepts, smart lipstick and a flying car

CES 2021 Day 2: Razer's insane concepts, smart lipstick and a flying car

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CESIt is definitely weird to be all digital, but the smoothness of the brilliant, weird and wacky products featured on Day 1 brings a sense of familiarity with them. Day 2 continues that momentum, although things here feel far more futuristic. Literally – a flying car was one of the big concepts of the day.

Although Day 2 is coming to a close, the show is not over yet. The addition of a Microsoft keynote on Wednesday and a steady stream of new product announcements from companies around the world will bring the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on Thursday.

Let’s get ideological

Project Brooklyn.


Razor has created a tradition of showing conceptual devices at CES, and it becomes the highlight of the show every year. In 2021, Razor has two such concepts: Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel.

The first project is Brooklyn, A gaming chair with a rolling, wrap-around display. It’s also quite a display: a 180-degree, transparent OLED. In addition to that state-of-the-art technology, Project Brooklyn has carbon fiber and leather bucket seats, with hepatic vibrations and RBG lighting. It is evident.


Project Hazel.


The other is Concept of living project hazel, COVID-19. It’s an N95 mask that’s packed with tech: audio-processing pods that activate your voice, active ventilation and autostirization, a companion case that doubles as a UV sterilizer. And LED RBG lighting.

It is evident.

So yes, both are tricky. But CES concepts of razors don’t usually result in real products, so don’t expect either. That said, Acer has a similar (though less sleek) chair Thronos. UK company Binatone also showed its own take-jam mask at CES, N95 Mask with Bluetooth Headset. It is not as fancy as the Razor, but it is real and costs $ 50 – less cost than the Razor.

GM brings us closer to Jetson

On Monday, Samsung showed a set of robots designed to help around the house, a baby step toward living like The Jetsons. General Motors is helping us take a giant leap, Showing your concept for a flying car. This is called EVTOL, or (electric) vertical takeoff and landing droids.

“We are preparing for a world where private air travel is possible in advance in electric and autonomous technology,” said GM design chief Michael Simko. GM joined the likes now Funds And Aston Martin, Companies that are also working on flying vehicles.

Chip wars


Day 1 of the CES saw a lot of TV competition between Samsung and LG, Korea’s big two electronics giants. Day 2 was a battleground for processors, with Nvidia and AMD each holding their own keynotes.

Nvidia, graphics card champion, Announced several new RTX GPUs. At the top-end was the RTX 3080, which takes their gaming seriously (eg, e-sports seriously), which starts at $ 1,999. But while it offers great power for 4K gaming and rapid video editing, the GPU at the lower end of the spectrum is equally notable. The RTX 3060 costs just $ 329, and Nvidia says it is 10 times more powerful than the GTX 1060. In other words, you will be able to play the biggest new games on it, although you may have to slide the resolution down.

While AMD builds GPUs, its main topic on Tuesday was about laptop CPUs. Its herald Ryzen’s 5000 chips coming in laptop, With brands such as Lenovo, Asus and HP committed to Ryzen 5000-powered laptops later this year. AMD says this would mean thinner, lighter and more powerful laptops. These CPUs will compete with Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake H35 chips, which were announced on Tuesday.

Oh, and just for fun, Samsung unveils Exynos 2100 chip This will power the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Get a phone Full unveiling on thursday, But hey, it’s Chip Day, so why not show some goods early?

Mono-screen laptops are paces

Asus Zephyrus Duo 15 SE


The chips are cool, but what about the actual machines they are housed in?

Just as phone makers are trying to get ahead of the curve with rolling, folding displays, laptop manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves with useful new designs. Thin, light and more powerful is good, but real innovation is great in such a mature industry.

For Asus, this means doubling up on its powerful dual-screen Duo line. Unveiled at CES Zephyrus Duo 15 SE, Which has a 15.6-inch display with a secondary 14.1-inch touchscreen that rests above the keyboard, as you can see above. It’s a beast aimed at performance-obsessed gamers: it can be configured with a 4K 120Hz panel, with options for AMD or Nvidia graphics.

E-ink display behind Lenovo’s ThinkBook.


The company also launched its new Streaks Scar gaming laptop, Which can be configured with 360Hz display – Fastest on any laptop.

But while Asus is investing in brute force, Chinese brand Lenovo is going for efficiency. In addition to the primary display, its new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 i has an e-ink screen on the lid, allowing you to take notifications, your calendars, notes and more without actually opening the machine. It can also be charged via the Lenovo charging mat, so it is a low cable to Fred.

Smart lipstick, smart perfume

Yves Saint Laurent’s Purse


The Internet of Things industry earns millions of dollars every year. In practice this means that more everyday things are being filled with computing smart. A recent example from CES? Lipstick.

Shown at last year’s CES and unveiled as an actual product you can buy on Tuesday (in spring, costing $ 299) Yves Saint Laurent’s Purse There is a device that consists of three liquid lipstick cartridges. With the help of an included brush, you can mix the colors together so that the colors and shadows you get later are mixed.



This is a similar story with Ninu, a smart scent with three scents inside, in three different vials. Ninu connects to your phone and, through an app, you can mix scents together, tailoring it to your exact taste. Obviously, this can be very inaccurate, so the app has an AI assistant that will help you not to smell like trash.

Future, eh?

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