Celebrity Mothers Who Welcomed Rainbow Babies After Pregnancy Loss

Celebrity Mothers Who Welcomed Rainbow Babies After Pregnancy Loss

Pop queen and husband Jay Z Three rainbow children share: daughter blue Ivy Carter, 2012 and twins were born Rumi Carter And Sir carterBorn in 2017.

She had an HBO documentary in 2013 life is but a dream, Beyoncé recalls that she had a missed miscarriage, in which no symptoms are identified before an ultrasound or doppler, which suggests a heartbeat.

“Seriously, the week before, I went to the doctor. Everything was fine,” he said. “But there was no heartbeat.”

Beyoncé poured her heart and sorrow into her work, writing and recording the 2013 song “Heartbeat”.

In the documentary the singer stated, “I went to the studio and wrote the saddest song ever in my life.” “It was the best form of therapy for me because it was the sadest thing I’ve ever done.”

Beyonce later explained Oprah Winfrey On Oprah’s next chapter, “I felt like there are a lot of couples who go through this and that was a big part of my story.”

Her experience also influenced her next pregnancy. She continued, “This is one of the reasons I didn’t share that I was pregnant a second time [with Blue Ivy], Because you don’t know what’s going to happen. It was tough because everybody in my family, my friends knew and we celebrated. it was difficult. I am not the only person who goes through this. So many people go through this and in the end, I have a daughter, and there is hope and I feel so lucky. “

The singer stated that she lived in fear during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. “But my doctor told me that I was completely healthy and not crazy and crazy and to live my life,” she said, “and that’s what I did.”

In 2019, Beyoncé said in a Q&A Elle Magazine, “After having an abortion I was taught that I had to be a mother before myself because I could be a mother to someone else. Then I had Blue, and the search for my purpose went so deep. I died and my Rebirth in the relationship. The search for self becomes even stronger. It is hard for me to go backwards. Being ‘number one’ was no longer my priority. My true triumph is building art and heritage, which is my Will be fulfilled by living far beyond it. “

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