Co-operative Audit Monitoring & Information System – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

Co-operative Audit Monitoring

The “Co-operative Audit Monitoring & Information System” implemented by the Department of Co-operation in Kerala is an innovative approach to modernize and streamline the audit processes of co-operative societies. This system would typically encompass several key aspects: Audit Monitoring: The primary function of the system is to monitor the audit activities of co-operative societies. This … Read more

Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System

The “Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System” implemented by the Finance Department of the Government of Kerala is a sophisticated initiative that combines technology with administrative efficiency. Here are the key components and objectives of such a system: Vehicle Management: This aspect of the system would involve managing the government’s fleet of vehicles. It includes … Read more

PLANSPACE Kerala System For Progress Analysis and Concurrent Evaluation – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities


What is PLANSPACE Kerala System? PLANSPACE – KERALA (System for Progress Analysis and Concurrent Evaluation) is a web-based integrated information system that facilitates monitoring and evaluation of the implementation progress for all Plan schemes across various departments within the state. It serves as an efficient online project management and monitoring tool, seamlessly integrated into the … Read more

Ksheerasree – Dairy Farmers Registration Online – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities


What is Ksheerasree? Ksheerasree is a versatile digital framework that empowers dairy farmers to access Government benefits seamlessly, eliminating the need for office visits. It also enables them to track the status of their submitted applications. This unified, bilingual, interoperable, collaborative, and open-source system collects real-time data from farmers to end-user consumers through IoT-enabled connected … Read more

Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme Kerala – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme Kerala

What is Gender Park SHE TAXI Flagship Programme? She Taxi, The Gender Park’s flagship programme, is a globally recognized initiative dedicated to empowering women economically. This ongoing project enables women to not only own but also drive their own cabs, making them fundamental partners in the arrangement. The operations of these women entrepreneurs are efficiently … Read more