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There is a problem on every developer face, in which a live application has to face problems without messing it up. In fact, many companies have such access restricted. Cass, an early stage startup, has come up with a solution to provide a way to work safely with live applications.

Today, the company announced a $ 2.25 million seed round led by the Founders Fund along with a group of eminent technology angel investors. The company also announced that the product is available to all developers for the first time today. It is worth noting that the funding actually closed last April, and they are announcing it today.

Cassid’s CEO and co-founder Brian Burn says that he and his fellow co-founders, all of whom cut their teeth at GitHub, experienced this problem of working in a live production environment. He says the typical response by large companies is to build an appliance in-house, but it is not an option for many small companies.

“We first saw at GitHub how the developer experience becomes more difficult over time, and it becomes more difficult for developers to do production work. So we wanted to provide a developer friendly way to get the production work done.

He said that without proper tooling, it forces the CTO to restrict access to production code, making it difficult to fix problems that arise in a production environment. “Companies are forced to restrict access to production and access to the tools that developers need to work in production. Many large tech companies invest in millions to deliver great developer experiences, but obviously small companies do not have those resources. So we want to give all companies the building blocks they need to provide a great developer experience, ”he said.

This includes providing development teams with open access to production command line tools by adding logging and approval workflows to sensitive operations. This enables officers to open access with specific regulations and the ability to audit access to the production environment.

The company launched early last year and the founders today are working with design partners and early customers before officially opening the site to the general public.

They currently have five people, including four founders, but Byron says they have received good feedback on the product and are in the process of hiring additional employees. He says that as they do, diversity and inclusion is a big priority for the founders, even as a very early stage company.

“This is very prominent in our company’s handbook, so that we make sure that we give priority to an inclusive culture right from the start. [ … ] We already know that if you don’t get into that initial investment, it can really hold you back as a company and as a culture. The culture definitely starts from day one, ”he said.

As part of that, the company also intended the first remote post-epidemic, a move he believes would make it easier to form a diversified company.

“We’ll definitely be the first remote. We believe that diversity and inclusion also helps because you allow people to work from anywhere, and we have a lot of experience in remote-first culture from our time in Github, so we have developed a remote culture And we will continue it, ”he said.

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