Carrie Fisher Remembered on Her Birthday by Star Wars Family and Princess Leia Fans

Mark Hamill and Billy Lourd, among others Star wars Family members are missing Carrie Fisher Today (October 21), what will be his 64th birthday. Sadly, Fisher died in late 2016 The last jedi Was completed. Star wars Fans and family still mourn her loss, but today is a festive day for the Leia Organa actress. Lourd posted a photo of her mother when she was pregnant in the early 1990s to pay tribute, which you can see below.

Mark Hamill posted a throw back image with Carrie Fisher, which he captioned, “Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher. The world will never miss you …” Jonas Sutomo, who portrayed Chewabeca in the sequel trilogy, also revealed his And posted a picture of Fisher. From the set together. “Miss you, Carrie. Happy birthday,” Sutomo said. Official Star wars A picture of Fisher posted on Twitter account a new Hope With the caption, which reads: “We are missing our courageous princess, the iconic Carrie Fisher on her birthday.”

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related to Star wars There are just too many Carrie Fisher tributes to count, fans from around the world. Ever since he passed away, friends and colleagues have shared a ton of stories about him. Actor Simon Pegg, who is a massive fan of the franchise and had a crush on Fisher as a child, recently shared a very funny story about meeting him for the first time on set The Force Awakens. You can read what he had to say below.

“I got to spend a little time with him. We had a lovely day when we wandered together on the set of resistance bases, arm in arm and we were just [laughs] Like chatting, and I turned around, we were looking at each other, and I was looking into his eyes and it was like that, you know [laughs]. It seems really obvious to say this, but it was as if I was looking into the eyes of those who had it, imprisoned me as a child. And I said, ‘You know, I’ve always loved you.’ And he held my hand and looked at my wedding ring and said, ‘F *** you.’ [Laughs] It was the best day of my life. “

The last jedi Director Ryan Johnson shared a story about meeting with Carrie Fisher before starting work on the film. “While we were still in the pre-shoot and then in LA I went to visit her house and we just sat on her bed in her wonderful bedroom for four hours which is like a projection of her psyche.” “In interior design, and just saying, you know, BSing, and jokes, and gossip, and just hanging out with Carrie. She was a kind woman. I think I’m really lucky to have a lot of time with me.” Less time. You know. “Johnson has said that this is his favorite memory of Fisher.

When Carrie Fisher passed away, it was revealed that there were some drugs in her system, although it is still unclear whether she played a role in his death. Fisher was always open and honest with his struggles, which is something that Billy Lourd wanted the world to remember soon after his mother died. “Lourd said that her mother” was purposefully open in all her actions about the social stigma surrounding these diseases … I know my mother, she wishes her death to people about their struggles Encourage opening. “Even after that. Death, Carrie Fisher is still inspiring others. You can pay tribute to her late mother on Billy Lourd’s Instagram. And some more tributes below.

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