Captain Marvel 2 Training Begins with Brie Larson Showing Off Her Intimidating Home Gym

Brie Larson has started her training for this Captain Marvel 2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star made the announcement during his latest YouTube video, where he also revealed that he received an aerial fryer for Christmas. It is unclear how the air fryer will work in Larsen’s new workout regime himself, but he will likely keep everyone updated on his channel. MCU fans will remember that Larsen went through an intense training process to get into the shape of a superhero for the first time Captain marvel, Which hit theaters in early 2019.

To train properly for Captain Marvel 2, Brie Larson A private gym was built in his garage. As far as going to the home gym is concerned, Larson is scared, which she tells him during her tour. The actress jokingly said, “Oh yeah, she is a home gym owner.” “this is happening.” He then invited Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to his house for some socially perverse workouts. Whether or not this happens is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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Before casting in Captain marvel, Brie Larson admitted that he was not really a “gym person”. She said, “I just wanted to be a brain, so I only cared to read books and understand words, and everything in my body made me itch. But it was an opportunity for me … To make his body mine. ”Larsen documented his progress on social media, and it is not for the faint of heart. Her instructor, Jason Walsh, said, “Brie worked with me 5 days a week for the entire nine months … she worked on her ass to take shape for this film.”

While the first installment focused primarily on Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel 2 Limelight will have more characters to share. It has been confirmed that Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani will also have a role in the sequel, which will also feature Teyona Parris as Monica Rambeo. Details of the story are still being kept in wraps, which is something Brie Larson mentions in her video. She was actually only able to announce that her training has begun, which should still be exciting news for MCU fans.

Captain Marvel 2 All are set to direct by Nia Dacosta and it will be released in November 2022. With that being said, Brie Larson, who is already looking in great shape, is having a great time getting into superhero shape with her trainer Jason. Walsh. The last time he worked for nine months, but it is not clear that he would have to give the same amount of time for the sequel. When asked about the length of training for the first film, Walsh said that it was mostly a precaution to ensure that Larsen could handle anything without injuring himself on the set and derailing the production. You can check out Captain Marvel 2 Announcement of the above training, thanks to the official YouTube channel of Brie Larson.

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