Captain America 4 Doesn’t Have a Director Yet, But One Obvious Choice Is Ready and Willing

Warmed up by the success of Falcon and Winter Soldier On Disney +, series director Kari Skolland says that she will be directing the sequel to the upcoming film Captain America 4 For Marvel Studios. All six episodes of Developed by Malcolm Spellman, Head Writer and Sharpener for Disney + Falcon Directed by Skogland. An ideal starting point has been set for the end of the series Captain America 4 Anthony Mackay’s Sam Wilson is now building The Shield.

Recently, it was announced that Spelman would next co-write Captain America 4 With Dalan Musan. Because it is likely that the sequel will take Falcon and Winter Soldier Left, it seems natural that Kari Skogland Spellman may also come on board for direction. So far, no director has been involved with the project yet, but in a new interview with CinemaBlend, Skogland was asked if she would work if asked. Here’s what the director had to say.

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“I think if Marvel called me to do anything – if they ask me to do a movie to do a phone book – I’d do it … I know, listen. Marvel’s characters are all very, Are very rich. I have become friends with Anthony. [Mackie] And sebastian [Stan] And I really enjoyed working with him and Emily [VanCamp] And Daniel Bruhl. I have worked with him for a few years, therefore, definitely has a special place in my heart. But as I said, if Kevin picked up the phone, I would answer it. “

With his appearances in other Marvel films set at MCU, Chris Evans previously watched three films as Steve Rogers: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Captain America: Soldier of Cold (2014), and Captain america civil war (2014). His version of the character’s story seems to be at the end Avengers: Endgame, But there have been rumors of Evans returning to the role in another captain America His own film. It is possible that Evans could act in another captain America The film is separate from the project, but Marvel is not providing any additional details at this time.

Set six months after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Falcon and Winter Soldier Anthony McKay was starred by Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Sebastian Stein as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. It follows the two of them as they embark on a worldwide adventure that tests their abilities and patience. Wyatt Russell also starred in a breakout role as John Walker, the man who played the role of Captain America after the retirement of Steve Rogers. Emily VanCamp, Daniel Bruhl, Erin Kyleman, Danny Ramirez, Georges St-Pierre, Don Cheadle and Julia Louis-Dreyfus also starred.

Skolgand’s other works as a director include popular shows such as the Heeling episode The walking dead, Walking dead fear, the Punisher, The Handmaid’s Tale, NOS4A2, And House of cards. While opinions were mixed in the end, Falcon and Winter Soldier Marvel was largely a hit with audiences, so Skoland may continue to work with Spellman as the story progresses captain America In the MCU. This news comes to us from CinemaBlend.

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