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Capital One Settlement Claim – Form, Payment Date, Lawsuit Settlement: A collective lawsuit was filed against the bank holding company, Capital One Financial Corporation, by a group of consumers making allegations of unlawful practices, including deceitful transactions, inappropriate fees and doubtful lending practices. Now, the victims of these alleged wrongdoings will be getting compensation, and the deadline date is November 27, 2023. So, if you are among the sufferers and are eligible to get the Capital One Settlement Claim, consciously read this post.

Capital One Settlement Claim

Eligible customers of Capital One will now be getting compensation for the losses that occurred due to the alleged hacker cyber attacks on its system. The judgement for the lawsuit filed against the company collectively by the sufferers came back in 2022 in favour of the claimants. Now, the proceedings to repay the losses that occurred due to the fraud have been initiated, and claimants will thus given a notice to inform how they may be affected by this proposed settlement.

The notice has all the information that explains how to participate, the general terms of the settlement, how to exclude yourself from the settlement and more. Claimants are thus requested to adhere to the notice carefully so that they can claim the amount for their losses.

Capital One Settlement Claim Payment

Company Capital One Financial Corporation
Settlement Capital One Class Action Settlement
Opening Date to Claim amount 28th September 2023
Last Date to Submit the form November 27, 2023
Authorized Website

Capital One Settlement Claim Form

Sufferers of the financial breach to claim the settlement amount were necessary to submit the Capital One Settlement Claim Form. There should be a clear mention in the form about the losses incurred by them related to the Capital One Breach. The form is the official paper by which they could seek their compensation.

Capital One Settlement Claim

The bank holding company, to meet the claims fairly, has appointed a settlement administrator. The claimants got an email from, which will include their first and last names and the amount they can expect to settle their losses due to the infringement.

As a result, many of the customers of the banking company will now be getting compensation for the losses, providing transparency and fairness in the financial industry.

How to Claim Capital One Settlement?

Claimants should file a Claim form comprising their Unique ID and a PIN necessary to file. You must fill al the required spaces in the claim form and submit it before the due date of November 27, 2023. Documents supporting your claim, like cancelled cheques, bills, bank statements and receipts, must provided with the form. The settlement process has already been initiated from September 28, 2023.

Eligible customers for the claim should click on the “Claim Payment” link before the expiry of the due date documented in the email sent to them from Clicking on the link will redirect you to the payment dashboard, where multiple options for payment are available. Claimants should choose the desired payment mode, and the system may ask them to provide some information to process their payments.

Afterwards, the claimants will receive a small number of interim notifications from, to let them know that the payment is in process, and they will soon receive the payment by the mode they opted for.

Capital One Settlement Payment Date

Although the judgement came in favour of the lawsuit filers, the payment process may get delayed due to appeals. The settlement may take several months to settle the claim amount. However, they should fill out the form before the due date to be eligible to get the settlement amount.

What is this Capital One Lawsuit Settlement All About?

Paige A. Thompson, an unauthorized hacker, was convicted in the Capital One data infringement that influenced over 106 million Capital One credit card holders in the US and Canada. The financial data breach is still one of the largest in the US to date.

It was reported that the hacker gained unauthorized access to the data of the baking company and stolen files consisting of identifiable information, including payment history, zip codes, contact information, social security numbers, and credit scores.

Capital One immediately fixed the issue and cautioned the FBI, but till then, millions of dollars have been stolen. To settle the claims now, the company has created a $ 190 million Settlement Fund with other additional benefits.

The claimants can claim their settlement from 28 September 2023 and should make sure to claim before the last date of November 27, 2023. The judgment for the final approval of the Capital One Settlement Claim was granted on September 13, 2022, after the alleged hacker had been convicted in the Capital One data breach.

Lastly, we are sharing the contact info of the Capital One Settlement Administrator in case claimants experience any issues while receiving their claim amount.

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-604-1811
Official Website:
Email ID:

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