Cancelled Netflix Shows That Could Be Revived Somewhere Else

One of the biggest things about streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, Hulu and all others is that they have helped many of us save space. Before streaming content became as easy as pressing a button, DVD collections that took up a room (or several rooms) in a house were not uncommon. The idea of ​​having thousands upon thousands of titles at our fingertips was a fantasy of a future we would never see in our lifetime. Then Netflix came on the scene and everything changed with just its DVD rental. It gradually started this streaming service and eventually became the core business of Netflix.

Millions of people (myself included) trimmed back their DVD collections. The rationale was that all those cumbersome DVD boxes and multi-disk archiving were not required if we could access them from the streaming service. We then found out that streaming services (unless the content was made in-house) would not lose titles due to licensing agreements. Sometimes, streaming services also take down their “original” content because that is a contract. Then there is the sad moment when Netflix actually cancels one of their shows. It seems almost impossible that this service that has created such a business of finding the right algorithm to meet the needs of any and all content may actually be mistaken for some.

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Netflix is ​​clearly the pawn of all streaming services. It has actually created streaming infrastructure that has allowed many other services to flourish. This is why Disney + can come on the scene and players may have taken Netflix to achieve such a benchmark in half the time. None of this makes it easy to lose the show. Netflix‘s pain overcomes an original, especially when they seem so hit show Strange things, Orange is the new black, MindhunterAdi, hurts in a way that explains our special relationship with the streamer.

However, Netflix has shown that it is not much different than cable and network stations that compete against it. Since this is the case why couldn’t Netflix do a show that didn’t work on their platform? This is the question we try to answer as we watch canceled Netflix shows that may exist elsewhere.

October faction

October Bloc - Netflix

This horror, fantasy mystery show centered around two monster hunters, was on Netflix for only one season. We got to see many worthy fighters as they tried to live a normal life. Nothing in such a show is as easy as it sounds and it was made even more difficult with all the odd people and things that our main characters, the Allen family, encounter. A lot of Netflix programming relies on word of mouth to make the show break bigger. However what if October faction Was there a chance to be at a terrestrial station like CW? Maybe it was able to bring this show to the public’s consciousness in this way? With hits like Supernatural, 100 And Riverdale, CW has proven that it knows how to handle such material. Maybe if October faction Can stay there for a bit, may it thrive?

We wars

V wars - netflix

Who doesn’t like a good sci-fi / horror show? Apparently, there are apparently not enough people as Netflix pushed the show forward after one season. This story is well written, timely, and everything else we expect from its content in 2020. The show follows Luther Swann (Ian Somerhold). They reported that a virus has been released from melting of all ice due to climate change. Suddenly, those who are infected become like vampires and the society starts fighting with themselves. Familiar? It is even more difficult for Swann that his friend Michael Faye (Adrian Holmes) has the virus and becomes a bad head man. Okay, the show has aspects that are heavy-handed and obviously favor a political angle. The story is interesting at the same time, so why is this thing coming upward like a shudder? They are in mass production games like shows creep Show, Why not expand it and add We wars To line up? There can be many ways in this show and it can take the reins of Shudder to a great extent.


Matchless - netflix

After making it through two seasons on Netflix, it seemed Greedy Can go the distance for another season. This is until Netflix had other ideas and canceled it. The story follows Patty Bladell (Debbie Ryan) as a battered teen who seeks justice with the help of lawyer / beauty pageant judge Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts). Seeing Patty’s potential, Bob dreams of making Patty a beauty pageant star. Okay, the plot for this show may seem a bit off everywhere. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have been best for another 1 or 2 seasons. At the same time, Greedy Addressed a lot of issues, and it was a neat comedy / drama / thriller that all played together. Why can’t Hulu lift the slack and give it a second life? Hulu is very much like what makes it and it is fit to fit like a show Greedy On its roster. Love the show High pitched, Small fires everywhere, And Ramy Under his belt, Hulu has shown a reduction in leveling of material that is difficult to quantify.

Whatever meera happy

Meera Happy Whatever - Netflix

How in the world did this show fail? First of all it is a holiday show which always brings a smile on the user’s face. Secondly, given everything happening in the world (and Netflix certainly had no way of knowing what it would be), it wouldn’t be great if it was a different “Christmas” from a different culture. Every season would have stopped on air to show customs? Whatever meera happy Could literally educate people on new cultures and was probably very successful in the process. Sadly, it only lasted one season on Netflix, but why was it not extended again like Hallmark Channel? It seems like there is not a perfect place for the show Whatever meera happyThe Even the show’s look misses other material that Hallmark has already done.


Spinning Out - Netflix

After being briefly iced (see what I did there?) By Netflix after a season, the show set in the world of ice skating made its Rabid fan base popular. Dealing with issues like mental health, the aforementioned skating world, LGBT storylines, racism and other rich ideas, it seems strange that Netflix quickly cooled down Moving. There are currently online campaigns to revive the show, so why not bring it to Amazon Prime? Is already showing its ability to deal with sensitive topics such as The man in the high castle, Translucent, And A mississippi, Why not go with this dreamer MovingThe Apparently, Netflix gave it ole heave-ho because it wasn’t doing the numbers. How his algorithm discovered that after a month it was a sinking ship. Giving another spin on Amazon Prime, especially in light of how hard it turned out to support fans Moving, Just what this show needs.

Aj and queen

AJ and the Queen - Netflix

RuPaul’s show is about a drag queen named Ruby Red (RuPaul), who does her work on the street, only to find out that they have a street smart stoveway named AJ, to move on to another season Is ready. Then, after receiving only so many reviews, it was reported that Netflix would not allow it to be a Sommermore season. It’s a shame Aj and queen Can discover some really interesting topics, especially during these woke / COVID-19 times. However, why didn’t Netflix’s losses benefit other platforms? It seems that this show could end HBO. At first, there used to be a place for adventurous content in that cable network. While it is still producing great stuff (Succession, Anyone;), this is not the deepest material bench. In addition, HBO Max should have put the cable giant ahead of the streaming pack, but instead collided with its own launch. With the confusion about separating HBO Max from HBO No, HBO Go, or AT&T Now, Aj and queen The show may be there just to set it apart.

Song music

Soundtrack - Netflix

Still, another Netflix asset that only saw one season. The show followed The fame The source said that it tracked the fictional lives of various artists as they made their way to Los Angeles. Those involved lip-synced the number of his music, but it probably has nothing to do with why the show was made. Honestly, if Fox failed the show, they could probably work it out. All they have to do is merge something American Idol Talent and they can probably turn this thing into a hit. As you can see, Netflix produces a lot of content. He spread a lot of money in a group of shows. Each episode is episodized with 10 episodes that connect quickly. Fox also makes a lot of shows, but they already have deals that can assure Song music Can stand out a little more.


Messiah - Netflix

Everything was scheduled for Netflix’s potentially controversial Messiah Too big to break. It featured a solid cast by Michelle Monaghan and Mehdi Dehbi. The story was also intriguing and told through multiple characters that this Netflix series was set up for success. The story follows a man (Dehbi) who shows up in the Middle East and suddenly follows a mad, Christ-like chase. He is revered as the new Messiah and from there he is served until exaltation and ridicule. The whole time the question is just who is the person? Unfortunately, we will never know the answer because, you guessed it, the show was taken off the air in one season. The game seemed to have a bunch of factors. Messiah The break out was not a hit, it should have been, and even the cost of making an international show was probably too high to bare from Netflix. So why not on AMC? With their ability to handle such material Breaking bed, better call Saul, crazy man And The walking dead (Just to name a few), it sounds like they might actually allow Messiah Rise again

Bojack horseman

Bojack Horseman - Netflix

Okay, it’s hard for us to bring this show (voiced by Will Arnett) to Netflix for 6 weeks. At the same time, with Simpson shows like dethroning Lassie And Gunsmoke For the crown of the longest running TV show, why couldn’t Netflix keep up this uber popular story of a boiled horse actor? It seems that there were some factors at the time of its demise. First of all, Bojack horseman Probably cost prohibitive (animation is great but it’s time consuming and not cheap). Secondly, ratings also had to figure in the decision, after Netflix had a longer run than a lot of its assets. Well why does Bojack horseman Want to die Could it not be an adult swim? They have pioneered this type of material! Why not let it happen? Bojack horseman Gallop on a new stable and see what kind of magic can be done?

Marvel’s Luke Cage

Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

The world needs more in these crazy times Marvel‘s Luke Cage, right? This story of a person with amazing power and skin who is not injured can really inspire many people. Luke Cage is a leader and he is something bigger than this show. If it was canceled in 2018 due to “creative differences” and “inability to agree to terms for a third season” (according to the Hollywood Reporter), then why wasn’t the whole thing revived under Disney +? This seems to be the fastest and simplest route to get the show back up and running. The streaming service from Mouse House has proved to be quite a force. So much so that they stopped offering free trials because, well, it seems they don’t have to. Given that we are in a global epidemic and every penny matters more than ever, that tells you all you need to know about Disney’s financial situation.

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