Canada Goose and WANT Les Essentiels Team Up on Capsule Collection

Photo courtesy of Canada Goose x Want Les Essentiels

The collection was created for people on the move.

Q: What do you get when you mix two powerhouse Canadian brands? Answer: A limited edition capsule collection of four standout items that should be in every wardrobe. And this week Canada Goes and Wont Les Essentiels are working for customers, starting this week.

The capsule collection is inspired by the idea of ​​adventure – in fact, all four objects are named after the four cardinal directions of the compass. And as beautiful as the collection is, undoubtedly – thanks to its sleek black-and-gold color – it’s also practical, with each piece lined up to see whatever weather conditions you have on the outside.

The collection includes two firsts for Canada Fart – a backpack and a waist pack – as well as a unisex waterproof jacket and a cap. In addition, all four pieces are designed to fit and function together – warm up in your jacket? Take it off, roll it up and secure it under the backpack. No need for a hat now? Just clip it to either a backpack or a waist pack.

Canada goose want les essences
Canadian fart photo courtesy

Speaking of collaborating with Woody Blackford, EVP’s product for Canada’s Goose, it said it was a “good fit”. “We have many shared values ​​that are a commitment to function and craftsmanship, as well as Canadian design,” he said. Christine Charlebois, creative director at WANT Les Essentiels, echoed the sentiment that “partnership was born” [each brand’s] Demonstration and a desire to make Canadian design shine internationally. “She says that by taking a minimalist approach to design, brands were able to” reveal the essence of Canadian craftsmanship and allow them to be elevated. “

Blackford called the E90 backpack as the “anchor of the collection”, describing it as “designed to use water-resistant fabric with mesh padding for extra breathing and comfort”. Charlobis agrees that the backpack – which fits a 15 15 laptop – is the hero of the collaboration. “Partnering with the Canada Goes design team, whose approach is rigorous, highly detailed and performance-oriented, brought this backpack design to another level of functionality, allowing us to explore a new sense of purpose.”

Search for the pieces below:

The collection will be available in Canada Fart stores from Friday, August 21 – including its newest location in Toronto’s Eaton Center – and through Vant Apotheosis Stories as well as and

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