Payment Date, Who is getting $641.35 GIS Payment This Month?

Check the details about the $641.35 GIS Eligibility: When and Who is getting $641.35 GIS Payment This Month? Here. GIS is provided to seniors with low income, the authorities have decided to increase the benefit amount. Read the article to know more about the $641.35 GIS Eligibility.

$641.35 GIS Eligibility

The Canadian government provides financial stability to low-income citizens. The candidates will receive the benefit under the Guaranteed Income Supplement. The authorities of the IRS and the treasury department manage the program. The benefit is provided to the families and the individuals who have lost their jobs or are provided with lower wages.

The authorities have decided to increase the payment of GIS benefits. The amount of $641.35 will be increased in the next paychecks. The candidates will be provided with an increased paycheck from the next instalment. However, not every individual will be allotted this benefit. There are specific criteria to receive the increased benefit. Scroll the article to learn about the $641.35 GIS Eligibility.

$641.35 GIS Payment

The federal government delivers supplementary support to less-income seniors. Supplementary aid was initially provided for seniors, widowed individuals, and divorced individuals. The benefit is issued in four instalments. The instalments are during January, April, July, and October.

$641.35 GIS Eligibility

The initial amount for the deposit is considered based on the financial stability of the candidates. The increase in the inflation rate has affected the benefit amounts. The authorities have decided to increase the amount by $641.35. every candidate will see an increased amount in their benefits.

$641.35 GIS Payment Overview

Article Name

$641.35 GIS Eligibility

Government responsible


Administartive Authorities

Federal Government

Payment Amount


Deposit Frequency

Four installments

Who Is Getting A $641.35 GIS Payment This Month?

The applicants who are the tax creditors and are part of the benefit plans under CRA will be receiving the GIS benefit. The list of the candidates and the amount they will receive in the next instalment is discussed in the section below.

The widow or the seniors living alone with a net income of less than $21625 will also receive the increased paycheck. The updated amount for the paycheck will be $1065.41. The partner with the full OAS pension plans and the threshold limit of $28560 will receive the increased benefit of $641.35. The couple eligible to receive the allowance and have a net income of less than $39984 will see the boost in their next deposit. The couple not receiving the allowance and the threshold limit of $51854 will receive the increased paycheck of $1065.41.

Eligibility For $641.35 GIS Payment

There are certain eligibility criteria to be followed to receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement payments. Some of them are discussed below:

Age Requirement: The primary requirement for pensioners is above 65 years old. The survivor’s age is not mandatory for the supplementary aid.

Income Threshold: The minimum income of the individuals and the couple is a vital part of calculating the benefit amount. The threshold of the individuals should be $21624. The threshold limit for the couple should be 28560. The minimum income of the candidates eligible for the OAS allowance should be $518 40. For the year 2024, the threshold limit has been increased. The limit is extended to $39948.

OAS Pension: The candidates who are eligible to receive the OAS allowance are required to provide the receipt of the benefit during the disbursement of the amount.

Legal Status: The applicant should be a resident of Canada. The couple with spouses who are not Canadians but have lived in the country for more than ten years are also legally eligible for the benefit.

Qualifying the criteria does not mean that the individual will be receiving the benefit. The applicants should apply for the GIS Benefit if they are not automatically applied for the benefit by the Canadian Revenue Service.

$641.35 GIS Payment Dates

The paychecks for the additional supplement are provided in four instalments. The previous instalment was released in October 2023. The amount might be deposited in the last week of this month. As per the schedule assigned by the administration, the amount will be disbursed in the upcoming week.

The amounts will be deposited through the method chosen by the candidates during the application filling. The amount will be deposited in the beneficiary account or through the mail and post.


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