Call of Duty Franchise Racks Up Over 400 Million Game Sales

Just one more match. Have you ever been late Obligation Exotic in match after match inspired by binge, countdown countdown clock? “Stop and play a little bit” seems to counter this, unlike any thought of turning. In order to make the next match better than the last, the challenge is mired within minutes, infected with the challenge. As it turns out, you are not alone.

Gaming magnate, Activation, announced earlier this week that Obligation The game franchise has now eclipsed staggering sales of over 400 million units for its collection of premium offerings. The achievement of the milestone extends the entire legacy of the popular franchise; From the original name in 2003 through the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Last loss

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Early versions of the addictive first-person shooter were specifically set in a World War II environment. These video games, expressed through a historical lens, earned early acclaim, but are limited with a superb audience.

However, the franchise exploded with the popularity of 2007 call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Which deploy familiar game mechanics in a more contemporary setting. As the best-selling sport for 2007, many consider it the first modern war The installment, to be a pivotal point, leads the franchise to its present day prominence.

Apart from locating its recent success in the premium gaming market, Activision also prided itself on it Call of Duty: Warzone, The publisher’s lead to enter the free market, has now attracted more than 100 million players globally. The press release provided some compelling references to this milestone for this cross-platform product:

  • More than 8.01 million teammates have been resurrected, exceeding the current estimated population of the world Warzone Gameplay.
  • More than 28.2 billionWarzone In matches to date, a price has been attempted for the competition involving 67.3 million major tennis tournaments.
  • Fall into Warzone, Users have deployed more than 26.4 billion parachutes. The field of those parachutes will cover WordDesk, the game’s signature game map, more than 135,000 times.

To the satisfaction of the Activision marketing team, rumors are flying about releasing the next installment of Dear Obligation Chain. While a new release for 2021 has indeed been confirmed, other details are (perhaps intentionally) sparse.

Interestingly, it has been widely speculated that Activision may take the series back to its roots, with the chapter pending a tribute to World War II heroes. This estimate has not yet been substantiated, but if released before last year’s rollout agenda Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War If there is any indication, more details on the setting and topic of the pending installment will likely be made available this summer. It is also probably safe to assume a characteristic fall release, which has long been favored to take advantage of the strong holiday market.

Till then, you will be in good company as you will join the vast library of existing Obligation Title. You can be sure that millions of people will pat you on the back because you will answer that call on duty. This news originated on the Call of Duty blog.

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